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Art makes everything better!

I am currently all jittery and skittery with excitement because today I ordered two new pieces of art for my house.

I admit, I’m pretty much obsessed with hanging beautiful things on my walls. It’s one of the best ways out there to add color and personality to your space — especially if you can’t paint. At least I’m lucky and my walls are a nice plain white which provides a good canvas for lots of cool artwork.

As much as I love getting my hands on free or really inexpensive art (and it can be done — I’ll have to blog about that sometime), sometimes you find something for sale that you LOVE and you know will make you smile every time you look at it.

That’s how I feel about the fun, quirky posters at Pop Chart Labs. No I’m not making any money by advertising for them in this post! :-) I just love their stuff. I’ve been ogling their coffee print for a few months, and I just bought it to hang in my guestroom / study room.

Pop Chart Lab 2

They also just came out with this new kitchen tools print, which I immediately fell in love with.

Pop Chart Lab 1

I’m going to put it up in my kitchen above the sink, where I really wish there was a window but instead there’s just a boring wall. This piece is huge — 2 by 3 feet, so it will fill up almost the whole wall (!). It will be fun looking at the cute graphics and details while washing dishes … a whole lot more fun than wall-gazing, that’s for sure.

I’m going to pick up some poster frames at Michael’s (they were 40% off when I checked yesterday) so I can frame and hang these babies the instant they arrive.

So – what’s your favorite piece of art in your home?


Kitchen art ideas

Today I am thinking about art for my kitchen (because of course I would not be thinking about the 15-page paper that’s due tomorrow).

What kind of art do you like to put in your kitchen? Chalkboards with doodly drawings? Inspirational sayings? Food splattering the walls as an elegant testimonial to savory meals past and present? I definitely have plenty of the latter “on display” in my kitchen at all times… hah.

Anyway, if you read this blog very much you know that I love food very much. And I love kitchens, and I love cooking, and I love art, so gosh. I JUST LOVE KITCHEN ART.

Lately I’ve been on a huge art kick, finally doing something about all the blank walls in my apartment — and maybe going a bit overboard. We will see. But I’ve seen a lot of cool kitchen art inspiration lately, so I thought I’d post some fun pictures.

In collecting them from around the internet I’ve already been inspired to make more changes (DIYs and purchases!) to the art in my kitchen. I’m quite happy in the knowledge that in the end it will probably be far too much art than is necessary for the tiny space. All the better. My renter’s kitchen is so deeply ugly that I would be only too thrilled if all that people noticed was the art hanging on the walls.

1. Recipes as Art

via Apartment Therapy

Since the kitchen is such a practical room, it makes sense to have practical art. Featuring meaningful recipes — like ones that belonged to your mom or grandma — is one of my favorite ideas for kitchen art, and I’m a sucker for vintage things so it works on that level too.

2. Recipes That ARE Art

Ever since I heard about the Etsy shop Articipe, I have wanted to own one of their bright, fun prints. What propels this product from cute to IMUSTHAVEITNOW? The fact that you can get them customized with your own treasured recipes. Yeah. Pretty much, IMUSTHAVEITNOW.

3. Utensils as Art

I have to say, it’s hard not to love the bright, rainbow awesomeness of these painted spoons from Little Bit Funky. It’s gone viral on Pinterest, and for good reason! They’d be easy to DIY and look cute hanging in a row…

I have a few vintage utensils from my grandmother that I’ve thought about trying to hang or display in some way, and I’ve never been able to come up with a good way to do it. The best thing I’ve come up with so far is hanging the utensils on the wall in a small arrangement, then hanging an empty (vintage wood) picture frame around them. I couldn’t find a picture of anything like this, so maybe I actually had an original thought with that …. doubt it, but maybe. ;-)

4. Utensil Art

If the whole “hanging spoons and spatulas on the wall” thing seems a bit contrived to you, how about instead opting for a Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools? I recently came across this poster by Pop Chart Lab, and I am obsessed. With the poster, with the store, with everything they’ve ever made. I’m going to have to own one of their pieces at some point in my life. (Good grief, look at this coffee one!!)

5. Bright graphic prints

I’ve posted before about Graphic Anthology, another Etsy store that makes me really happy whenever I look at their products. I love this one a lot. There are lots of sources for punchy art prints out there, I imagine, but I’ve never seen anyone who does it better than Graphic Anthology.

6. Food = Love

I saw this idea on one of my absolute favorite blogs, A CUP OF JO, in the house tour she did of Abbey Nova’s lovely NYC home. This piece of homemade art was on display in the kitchen:

I love it and couldn’t agree more with the thought that it represents. To me, food does equal love. I put a lot of love into my cooking and I usually cook for people I love! I want to include this idea in my kitchen art, but I don’t have room for another big piece. So I have come up with an idea that I can DIY and that will work in my kitchen … stay tuned, I think I’m going to try to do it next week and then I’ll share with you all. (PS: If you love the Food = Love print you can buy it from Abbey Nova’s Etsy shop, Hungry Prints.)

7. Pans as Picture Frames

I saw this idea online today, and I didn’t know what to think so I thought I’d ask you! What do you think about this idea: clever or too kitschy?

Via Savvy Living

Using pie pans as picture frames, now that’s a fresh idea. I really couldn’t find any more example pictures of this, so I wonder if many people have done it. If I were going to do this, I wouldn’t use all round frames … I would get some rectangular or square baking pans and mix those in with the round pie pans. It would be like a culinary gallery wall. I have to say, I’m kind of intrigued by this, but at the same time, not sure I completely love it.


So, let me know — which one of these ideas (if any) would you put in YOUR kitchen?