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How to celebrate Galentine’s Day

Since yesterday was Galentine’s Day, my sister-in-law Rachel and I had a great time hosting a little get-together for some of our mutual friends. We all met up for dinner at Baker’s Crust (the best restaurant ever!!!), where we caught up on each others’ lives while eating large quantities of artisanal pizza and bruschetta. Then we bopped over to my place where we hung out, ate cupcakes, made homemade sugar scrubs and watched a chick flick.

It was pretty awesome I’m just saying. So now, obviously you want to throw your own Galentine’s Day party next year. No problem, here’s what you’re going to need.

1. Cute Decorations


I used strings of white lights, candles, lanterns, and garlands to decorate my living room. The garland above was purchased at Target, but I also made one of my own using triangular pennants cut from pages of an old book.

2. Fun foods with a high sugar content


Having dinner at a restaurant was a MAJOR stress-saver for this party since I neither have the time nor the space to serve a meal to a big group of people. I did want to have some fun desserts, though, since V-Day is kind of all about that. So I set aside the night before the party to make cupcakes (Rachel helped, which was much appreciated). Rachel also made some chocolate-covered strawberries, and that about took care of the food!


By the way, the cupcakes were pretty amazing. I tried a new recipe for from-scratch chocolate cake made with two kinds of chocolate and coffee. In a word, WHOA. Oh, and did I mention they have raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting?! I need to make them one more time to work out a couple of issues and to get good pictures, and then I’ll post the recipe for you guys.

3. Whimsical Details


I picked up a few packages of disposable cups at Party City — they had plain red hearts on them, which inspired me to write sweethearts-candy-inspired sayings on all of them.


These silly straws with mustaches and lips on them were so fun! I picked them up at Target and everyone had a blast with them. They’d be super easy to DIY, too — something to keep in mind for the parties in the future.

4. Something fun to take home


You know me, I like to make people smile. So does Rachel. So of course we whipped up some fun stuff for our Galentines to take home with them. Rachel bought everyone chocolates and cards (and even wrote messages in all of the cards instead of just signing her name, you go Rachel!). And I made everyone Treat Your Self favor bags (yet another Parks and Rec reference!).

The Treat Your Self bags contained a lot of shiny, sparkly stuff I found here and there for cheapie-cheaps. It was all body/beauty stuff to go along with the homemade sugar scrubs we made.



5. Beautiful and quirky friends!

You certainly can’t have a Galentine’s Day party with gals, so get together as many of your girlfriends as you can. I don’t know what your friends are like, but mine are beautiful and quirky and some of them even have mustaches…


(Haha, my mustachioed friend Anna is gonna kill me for posting this.)

So that was my Galentine’s Day, and man was it awesome!! I’m definitely going to keep up this tradition – it’s a lot of fun to get together with girlfriends and unfortunately I don’t do it NEARLY often enough.