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The quest for green lamps

Thanks everyone for your kind remarks on my previous post about re-doing my living room.

In that post I did forget to mention anything about lighting. I think lighting is one of the most important things in any room. In fact, as the great Paul Revere said in Longfellow’s famous poem, “One if by land, two if by sea, and I on the living room couch will be.”

What, he didn’t say it quite like that? Well …………… that’s not important. CLEARLY Longfellow’s words hold great meaning for this discussion of lamps in my living room.

Anyway, I think lighting is important. At this point designers would start talking about “having a lighting plan” for your room, including “three levels of lighting,” and things like that. WHATEVER. All I care about in a room is that there are enough lamps, etc so that (1) you can read without eyestrain and (2) you never ever EVER have to turn on the overhead light in a room, ever, ever. EVER.

I hate overhead lights. Hate them.

So when we first moved into our apartment, and the lighting situation did not provide for the two necessities stated above, I immediately bought two cheap floor lamps from Target just until we figured out what we wanted and found something better.

Needless to say, they’re still there. *sigh* But hopefully on their way out soon. Once I locate end tables on Craigslist or at a thrift store, I’ll be replacing them with table lamps.

Since I’m going to be doing kind of a blue and green color scheme (cobalt/indigo and kelly/bright green) for the room, I’ve been lusting after various green lamps that I’ve located on the internets. Sadly, I can’t afford any of them. WHY ARE LAMPS SO EXPENSIVE? I mean …… two or three hundred dollars each is kind of ridiculous.


Both from Lamps Plus

The only one that might be worth the money this Jonathan Adler Capri lamp. It is so beautiful, I would sell a kidney for this lamp. Except I need two lamps. And that would cost me both of my kidneys. So …. no.

via Kristen Rivoli interior design

At least after gazing at all these pictures I know what I want. I like lamps that have a graceful, rounded shape — they’re sometimes called “gourd” lamps or “vessel” lamps. Glass is great, opaque is better. The hardest thing is finding BRIGHT green lamps.

This one from JC Penney is more affordable, but I don’t like the dull green. :(

I saw a tutorial online in which someone got a pair of inexpensive clear glass lamp bases and painted the insides of the bases with bright paint. It’s a great idea. I don’t really do that much DIY (not enough space or time), but if I can find some inexpensive lamps at a thrift store I may give one of the many lamp DIY ideas on the internet a try.

Speaking of which, here are a few that look interesting.

Here’s an awesome-looking tutorial using the painting-inside-glass technique to make DIY mercury glass lamps.

Spray-painting lamp bases.

How to update a lamp base and shade with spray paint.

Of course, it would be so much easier to drop $400-500 on a pair of bright green lamps, plus another $60 (at least) on shades. Ah, the lives of the rich and famous!

BHG via Pure Style Home

So, the quest continues. I’ll let you know how it turns out. ;-)


Object of Desire: Awesome Artwork

I really, really, really, really, really, really want this:

It’s a print from an amazing Etsy shop called Graphic Anthology. I’m in love with all the things there. But especially this one. I would want it in a smaller size, though (8×10 or 11×14), and maybe different colors — I’m not 100% sure I love this color scheme, although I do like it.

It’s not expensive either. But that’s the problem (kind of). We have a VERY limited budget for home improvement & decor. And that’s OK, but it’s so hard to decide how to spend the money we do have!! When I make a purchase I know I have to wait until next month for the next one. And even in my tiny 4-room apartment, there are a lot of things to work on.

So the question is always, out of the many things I would like, what is the one thing we really need? And a sweet art print, however inexpensive, usually has to be sacrificed in favor of more practical things like lampshades and linens.

So I’ll wait a little longer to get this. Although I have the perfect little spot picked out for it.

Just you wait, pretty little print. Soon you will be mine.

I <3 T-shirts

Actually, the title of this post would be pretty cool on a T-shirt … :)

So lately I’ve come across some T-shirts online that really make me smile. I want to buy them, but I don’t really need them. But I thought I’d show you some of my faves … cause these T-shirts deserve to be appreciated.

From Mental Floss, this one falls into the “irony” category. Which I appreciate.

I teach arts and crafts at camp in the summer, and I would rock this one from Snorg Tees all summer long.

This one is what you call tongue-in-cheek. Also from Snorg. Such a satisfying twist on the ubiquitous “I heart NY.”

This one (another Snorg) just makes me LOL. ROTFLOL, to be exact. Hahahahaha….

This one is from one of the best time-wasting websites out there, I am not sure what this shirt means, but the way it is phrased is just humorous. When you wake up feeling awful and realize you’re coming down with something, groaning out this phrase just feels right somehow.

The best therapy I’ve found so far for wanting to buy tons of funny t-shirts for myself is buying funny t-shirts for other people. If anyone reading this has a birthday coming up, leave me a comment and let me know which shirt you want. :P

Objects of desire: yellow dresses & tops

I know, I should be posting about green things today, but the color on my mind today is yellow. It’s starting to feel like spring, and I want everything to be colorful. In my opinion, yellow is one of the best colors for spring and summer. You can wear it in the fall/winter too, of course (I mean, I’m not going to stop you!!) but it feels so right around Easter when things are starting to bud, bloom and blossom. Right now I could go with just about any shade of yellow —  bold sunshine yellow, or soft butter yellow, even neon yellow. Even mustard yellow, but not too mustardy because that would feel like fall.

Today I’m thinking that a fun yellow dress would be a great addition to my spring/summer wardrobe. It would be such a happy color to wear. Other people would also appreciate it because taking one look at me in my yellow dress would be like a shot of caffeine in the morning — “OK I’m awake now!”

Modcloth has some cool vintage-inspired yellow dresses. I won’t be buying any of them because most of their dresses are over $90, but it’s fun to look. I think if I put on one of these dresses I would probably get the overwhelming urge to put on a tiny little frilly apron and high heels and start running frantically around the house with a fluffy feather duster, my mind buzzing with thoughts of laundry and dinner and 1950s feminine angst.


Pretty, pretty. I do love dresses, and at that time of the year when spring seems to finally get the best of winter, there are just too many cute dresses out there wanting to be worn! I don’t know if I will find the perfect yellow dress this year, but I know I want to add SOME yellow to my wardrobe. I only have one yellow top in my closet and I think it’s 3 or 4 years old. I have a 30% off coupon to the Limited (can you tell I like the Limited? Because I do.) … maybe I can score a sweet summer top there, like one of these:

Who knows, maybe one of them will soon be mine … evil laugh. My coupon expires a week from today, so I’d better get right on that. I’ll put it on my “high priority” list. At least that’s one job I very likely will not procrastinate. :D

Objects of desire: high-heeled shoes

I’ve never really been a shoe person. I’m tall, so for most of my life I didn’t wear heels much or ever. I love flats and always will wear them, but since I avoided pretty much any shoes with heels, that meant I couldn’t wear a LOT of shoes. It didn’t help that my size, 10, can be hard to find. So I didn’t buy shoes very often. I would buy a few pairs of inexpensive ballet flats and wear them for a few years until they were shredded and I had to buy more.

Lately that has changed, though. I’ve started to embrace being tall and I regularly wear shoes with heels when I dress up for something (although most of the time I still stick with flat shoes; they’re so much more comfortable). I don’t plan on ever buying platform shoes; it just doesn’t make sense. I’m already 5’10”, so why in the world would I add a 2″ chunk to the bottom of my shoe? Plus they feel weird. But I have started to realize the possibilities of buying shoes with heels. There are just so many out there.

For Valentine’s Day Ben gave me a beautiful pair of shoes, Ann Marino “Lottery” from DSW. That was quite the story in itself — Valentine’s Day I open the box and pull out two LEFT shoes, one size 9 and one size 10 (I’m a 10). Poor Ben. He had ordered them from DSW’s website and obviously someone had made a big mistake. Fortunately though when he called them they shipped us another pair second day, $10 off. So it worked out. Anyway, here they are.

I love them. They look elegant, and since they’re gray with black bows, they go with all my gray and black skirts, tights, etc. I probably wear them once a week.

Now that I am open to the possibilities of wearing heeled shoes, I am a little overwhelmed with all the choices. I have decided that I will buy a pair of good quality brown leather sandals for spring/summer. A year ago, I would have looked exclusively for flat sandals. But now I have to decide, should I get something with a heel? I love how heels look, but they don’t always feel very good, and I also don’t like towering over people ALL the time. ;-) It’s so hard to decide ….

Here’s a nice-looking and practical gladiator sandal (SE Boutique “Gaynes,” DSW). Probably comfortable to walk in, but might make my ankles look fat. They’re already quite … substantial. :)

These are my favorite (Franco Sarto “Typhoon,” DSW). They’re somehow chunky but elegant at the same time.

Well, we’ll see. There’s really only room for one expensive-ish pair of shoes for me in our clothing budget for the next few months, aside from cheap flip-flops and maybe a $25 pair of Converse tennies for work this summer. It’s going to be a tough decision.

Hey, at least I know that this next shoe is NOT on the list. Can anyone tell me why someone would pay $300 for a pair of shoes that’s nothing but a flat sole and two (count ’em one-two) teeny straps?

Why, because they’re Giuseppe Zanotti, of course!

Oh …. of course.