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I need you guys to help me pick out some new glasses.

(Now do you get the pun in the title? Sorry about that.)

Lately I’ve kind of been wanting some new glasses. I’ve only ever had one pair at a time. But I also used to wear contacts a lot. Now that I wear exclusively glasses, I don’t think it would be excessive to own two pairs.

I heard about this company called Warby Parker. They have the plastic-frame hipster glasses that I like. They have really good prices. And since they’re almost exclusively online-based, they have a program that allows you to try five pairs of their glasses at home for free for five days, then return them. No cost, not even for shipping. I signed up immediately.

There were only a couple of frames I was interested in, but I went ahead and chose five to have sent to me, just for fun. They arrived two days later in a spiffy box.

As I had expected, I wasn’t a big fan of a couple of the choices — and they were immediately vetoed by Ben as “too big.” I think I know which pair I like best now — but out of the last three pairs, I thought I’d put it to a vote and see what you guys think.

Oh — and keep in mind these are just try-on pairs so they have kind of reflective lenses. If I buy a pair, they’ll have an anti-glare coating.




And a different shot of each …




I couldn’t resist taking a pic with my cute photographer (glasses I’m wearing in this pic are #3) …

Then Ben got bored, and did this, which he always does when I’m taking too many self-portraits of us and he gets bored. So I’m posting this online to shame him. Sadly enough, he doesn’t shame easily…

So which do you think I should choose, #1, #2, or #3, or none of the above? Let me know in the comments! And thanks for helping :)


A lovely almost-spring evening

The weather here lately has been so nice — warming up during the days, but still with cool nights. Of course since it’s Virginia Beach the temperatures are all over the place; Friday it was almost 80 degrees (I still can’t get used to that in February!!) and then a huge wind came up and it was maybe in the 50s, but felt much colder because it was so windy, on Saturday. Pretty ridiculous.

But I don’t like hearing people complain about the weather here, because seriously — we can’t forget it’s FEBRUARY. It is amazing to have such nice weather in the middle of the winter, even if some days are still cool. Come on, people.

So I got this sweater from LL Bean the other day — and I LOVE it. I want to wear it every day, but I make myself wear other clothes from time to time. Haha. It’s actually a mens’ size small. Because I’m so tall I can get away with wearing guys’ stuff as long as I’m going for a bulky, oversize look (which I was here). It’s cotton so it isn’t too hot, but it’s still warm because it’s really thick. I think this is the first thing I’ve ever bought from LL Bean, and I may buy more … it isn’t cheap, but it’s made so well. Right now I’m wearing it with skinny jeans on cooler days and skirts or shorts on warmer days. It seems to work with anything. I don’t know how far into the spring I’ll be able to wear it (depending on how quickly it gets all gross and humid here) but we’ll see. Hopefully another month or so. :)

Workin’ my manly sweater … yay.

That was fun.

Things Tall Girls Think About: Boots

If you’re not almost 6 feet tall, you may not have given this very much thought, but as a tall girl I have. Most boots are made for average-length legs, so on people like me these boots look too short. Sometimes ridiculously too short.

I have two pairs of boots – one pair of rubber rain boots that I wear only on the very wettest Virginia days, and one pair of brown slouchy boots that are probably supposed to be almost knee-high, but are a LOT shorter than that on me.

I got the brown boots yearrrrrrrs ago …. and although they are extremely comfortable, they’re falling apart and looking gross. So I’ve been looking for new ones. Only thing is, this time I want boots that come all the way up my calf, like knee-high boots are supposed to. Well ……. that hasn’t been easy at all. After several months of checking out different stores, both online and in person, I’ve only been able to find a couple of pairs that will be tall enough for my long legs, and nothing under $100. Ack!

But I finally have found a couple of pairs of boots that I really like online, and with about a 15-3/4″ shaft I think both pairs will be long enough. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet (as they say) and buy one of them, before they sell out. Which one should I buy?? Please give me your advice.

First we have Franco Sarto Profile. They are beautiful boots, but in quite a few reviews people say they have trouble with the zipper sticking. They’re about $120 with free shipping from a cool website I found called Everywhere else they’re more like $150 (and up).

Our next contender is Type Z Sharris. These are good-looking boots too, but I don’t recognize the brand at all. I know Franco Sartos are built like a tank, but what is Type Z?! However, the reviews are good, they’re tall enough, and they’re $105 at 6pm (free shipping) and $110 at Zappos (which has free shipping AND free return shipping).

I thought about these: Franco Sarto Patriot. They’re cheaper than both options above. But the leather looks darker than what I’m looking for, and they seem too casual with the zippers on the outside. So they’re not in the running anymore, although I do like them.

I don’t have ankle boots in my budget for this year, but aren’t these cool? Very menswear-ish. Next year I MUST find either a pair of oxfords or something like this, for everyday wear during the fall/winter. (Clarks Desert Boot.)

And …. okay …. I would never spend my hard-earned money on these silly boots, but aren’t they awesome?! Ha! And the name is even better: Big Buddha Guest. They make me LOL. I would have fun styling them. :-)

So – tell me which of the first two styles I should buy. And what do you think of the others? Opinions please!!!

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Winter fashion in a nutshell

Last night I dropped Ben off at the gym to play basketball and headed to the mall to get some, um, exercise of my own …. shopping. :-)

I actually hadn’t been shopping in a while. I had some Christmas shopping to do and I also wanted to check out the stores’ winter collections which I figured had to be out by now. I needed some pants. And sweaters. And … you know, whatever.

I didn’t have a lot of time so I really booked it around the mall. I guess I did get some exercise! I tried to get to all my main stores just to see what they had available. I will now give you a synopsis, which may certainly prove to be an enormous help to you as you shop for clothes for the holidays. You’re welcome.

  • If you want to have a sparkly Christmas, go to Express. (Not that that’s anything unusual. It would be fun to try to figure out what percent of Express Women’s merchandise is covered in sequins. I’m guessing a good 40%.)
  • If you want to have a preppy Christmas, go to American Eagle. (I think I may have grown out of AE. I’m just over it, except I do like some of their guys stuff for Ben, such as their sweaters. They had really fun colors, but a lot of them felt scratchy.)
  • If you want to have a beige Christmas, go to H&M. (Seriously!! So. Much. Beige. I couldn’t take it.)
  • If you want to have an expensive Christmas, go to Banana Republic.  (That store is so classy and I’d love to dress both Ben and me in their fashion. But it’s kinda pricey.)
  • If you want to have cuddly Christmas, go to GAP. (More about this in a second.)

If I didn’t include your favorite store, sorry. Leave me a comment and then I’ll have an excuse to go shopping again and check it out for you. Tee hee.

The stores I spent the most time in were GAP and the Limited. I had gone to GAP intending to buy some pants/jeans, but they didn’t have any sales and things weren’t fitting, so I gave up that idea pretty quickly. BUT …. they did have the most amazing collection of beautiful, colorful, and incredibly SOFT sweaters, tops, scarves, etc. I just walked around feeling stuff!! The employees must have thought I was psyyyychoooo but who cares. So that’s why I said you should go to GAP if you want to have a cuddly Christmas. I really like soft things, not scratchy things, so everything was very tempting.

After MUCH thinking, I finally picked out a striped sweater in bright yellow and gray — because I’m tired of all the blahhhhh neutral winter clothes I see everywhere. I wanted something BRIIIIIGHT. Like hurt-your-eyes bright. And I’ve only gotten called a bumblebee twice today so I’m feeling  pretty good about that. Also the sweater has such a comfy relaxed fit, and it’s warm but lightweight which is good for Virginia winters. Or I should say, Virginia “winters.” It was in the 70s today, people. That’s just sad.

[buzzzzz i’m a beeeeeeee]

The other thing there that I LOVED was the scarves. They had some amazingly buttery soft scarves for guys that I definitely don’t need but really did love. This plaid one might be a bit menswear-ish but I do love me some menswear.

They had some women’s ones too but I don’t know if I like the colors as much. I’m really into plaid this season so I think it’s the plaid that got me. Along with the softness.

I didn’t buy a scarf though. For $30 it seemed a bit much, especially since I already have a lot of scarves. I need the basic pieces for outfits a lot more than I need accessories at the moment.

I was still really needing some pants, so I dashed over to the Limited to see if they had anything. Believe it or not, they were having a HUGE SALE (although they probably had a cool name for it, not HUGE SALE) on pants. Buy one get one free. I was running out of time, so I hurriedly tried on some pairs. I didn’t get a chance to look at much other stuff in the store, which is why I didn’t include it in the list above. I don’t remember much about it besides the pants, but I think they had some pretty sweaters.

So I quickly tried on one pair of pants, they fit, I grabbed another pair in a different color off the rack right beside the pair I’d tried on, paid for them (with a $10 off coupon too which made it a really good deal), and left in a rush.

When I got home I tried my new purchases on for Ben. When I put on the second pair of pants I laughed out loud. Lately I’ve been wearing only straight-leg pants and staying away from anything flared. The pair I’d tried on and liked in the store were actually skinnies. The second pair I thought were also straight leg pants … but actually they were flared, cuffed, and comically too short!!

I really thought since they were hanging next to the first pair I tried on that they were the same fit but in a different color. Um. WRONG.

So I’ll have to take them back. But still, it was pretty funny.

And that was my night at the mall. It was fun. I probably won’t be able to do anything like that for a few weeks since I have some papers due soon for school. But I think it will last me for a while.

For a spring day

I put together an outfit that says “spring” to me. (Created on Polyvore, one of the best places to waste time I know of!)

I’m not sure if I could actually pull this look off. It looks good here … but on me? Don’t know. The pants are very, very red. Wow. It would be perfect though for a stroll through a farmer’s market or a walk down by the docks. I would definitely roll the cuffs up to a cropped length and paint the red polish on my fingernails. Matching nail polish to clothes is one of those things that’s so out it’s in. Yay for goin’ retro. :)

What’s something YOU really would like to wear but don’t know if you can make it work?

One pink top two ways

I’ve been needing to update my tops a bit for spring. So yesterday I took a study break for a couple of hours and went to TJ Maxx to try to find a few things. Seems like most of the time at TJ Maxx I find tons of stuff I like and end up buying things I don’t need, or I look for ages but can’t find what I need …. but this time I got lucky and came home with two nice comfy tees for work or play this spring/summer and two dressier tops for church/school/occasions when I want to look nice.

My favorite is a pink sleeveless top with ruffles down the center. It’s the perfect layer-able spring top, and it was only $15. Huzzah. So I thought I’d use Polyvore to figure out how to style it a couple of different ways for spring. (It’s the first time I’ve used Polyvore and so far it’s a lot of fun.)

Now, the pink shirt in the picture is NOT the actual shirt I have …. it just looks kind of similar. And I certainly don’t plan on buying, now or ever, the exact other items in the sets. Most of the pics available on Polyvore are of pretty expensive clothes, but you can find similar pieces for much less if you shop around … some of my favorite places to look are H&M, Target, AE, The Limited, NY and Co …. etc.

So here’s the pink ruffled top dressed up a bit:

And dressed down a bit for a fun day out with a girlfriend or something like that:

I enjoyed putting these together because it helped me see how I could make the top work with the things I already have in my closet. For example, I already have gray shoes, a trench coat, a gray cardigan, and so on. But it also shows me the things I could add, like the brown sandals, to make the top work in more outfits. So it’s practical as well as fun! (Translation, I don’t feel so bad about wasting time playing with pictures of pretty clothes.) ;-) Continue reading

Objects of desire: yellow dresses & tops

I know, I should be posting about green things today, but the color on my mind today is yellow. It’s starting to feel like spring, and I want everything to be colorful. In my opinion, yellow is one of the best colors for spring and summer. You can wear it in the fall/winter too, of course (I mean, I’m not going to stop you!!) but it feels so right around Easter when things are starting to bud, bloom and blossom. Right now I could go with just about any shade of yellow —  bold sunshine yellow, or soft butter yellow, even neon yellow. Even mustard yellow, but not too mustardy because that would feel like fall.

Today I’m thinking that a fun yellow dress would be a great addition to my spring/summer wardrobe. It would be such a happy color to wear. Other people would also appreciate it because taking one look at me in my yellow dress would be like a shot of caffeine in the morning — “OK I’m awake now!”

Modcloth has some cool vintage-inspired yellow dresses. I won’t be buying any of them because most of their dresses are over $90, but it’s fun to look. I think if I put on one of these dresses I would probably get the overwhelming urge to put on a tiny little frilly apron and high heels and start running frantically around the house with a fluffy feather duster, my mind buzzing with thoughts of laundry and dinner and 1950s feminine angst.


Pretty, pretty. I do love dresses, and at that time of the year when spring seems to finally get the best of winter, there are just too many cute dresses out there wanting to be worn! I don’t know if I will find the perfect yellow dress this year, but I know I want to add SOME yellow to my wardrobe. I only have one yellow top in my closet and I think it’s 3 or 4 years old. I have a 30% off coupon to the Limited (can you tell I like the Limited? Because I do.) … maybe I can score a sweet summer top there, like one of these:

Who knows, maybe one of them will soon be mine … evil laugh. My coupon expires a week from today, so I’d better get right on that. I’ll put it on my “high priority” list. At least that’s one job I very likely will not procrastinate. :D