We finished seminary!

At approximately 3:00 AM last Friday, Ben and I finished seminary. Here are our 3 AM faces:


The final week was total madness. When both people in the household are working and finishing grad school at the same time, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be Crazytown USA! Make that the semi-annual Crazy Parade in Crazytown USA. Every day we would go to class and/or go to work, finish up at work around 5 pm, come home, slam some dinner, and start studying. About 10 PM we would take a break to get Starbucks coffee, which would keep us going until anywhere between 2 and 4 AM. I don’t know what it is about Starbucks iced coffee with milk, but if I drank that at 11 or so, I wouldn’t feel sleepy AT ALL until 4:00 in the morning. Insanity. Delicious, caffeinated insanity.

After waking up Friday morning we pretty much rolled out of bed, did laundry, packed our suitcases and headed to Williamsburg. Thank goodness we had had the foresight to book a weekend getaway there about a month earlier. We stayed in the always fabulous Powhatan Resort and just chilled out. We took a LOT of naps, had amazing breakfasts on our outdoor patio, went shopping at an outlet mall, went swimming, took walks, and hung out in the historic downtown area (my favorite place!).



It was beyond awesome. Kind of felt like another (short) honeymoon. It was so nice to be able to focus on each other instead of on our darn, darn laptops. Or any screen, for that matter.


It was great to be able to recharge and reconnect with our weekend in Williamsburg. Since then we’ve been struggling a little to get back on a schedule that feels normal — having a couple of weeks where we habitually drank coffee at midnight and stayed up til 2 or 3, followed by a weekend where we slept whenever we wanted, kind of confused the heck out of our poor bodies. Plus there’s always some residual crankiness to deal with. But things have been improving every day, and I think we’re almost back to normal … whatever that is.

Today we got some of our grades back, and it looks like all A’s for both of us this semester! We’re happy, and grateful to finish strong.

This weekend is graduation. And by “this weekend” I mean “this weekend”! The whole weekend is pretty much one big event. Friday night is our baccalaureate service, which we’re both speaking at (gulp). Saturday morning we have a practice and an open-house party at the seminary president’s house. Sunday is the actual graduation day and after that we’ll be going out to dinner with Ben’s family. My family can’t be here, but as a graduation present they bought Ben a new suit and me a new dress, so we will be proudly rocking our new sponsored outfits! :-) I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures … for this, my very-last-ever graduation. I think. ;-)



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