Galentine’s Day!

I’m excited to tell you guys in an upcoming post about a lil’ get-together I’m having at my house tomorrow night. Just me, my sisters in law, and a few other lady friends. It’s for Galentine’s Day. And what is Galentine’s Day, you ask?


Yeah, it’s from Parks and Rec (again). I know I have too much Leslie-Knope-related stuff around here, but she has the best ideas.

So Galentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated on February 13th, and it’s supposed to be brunch, but we’re celebrating it in the evening because it’s a free country and we’ll have our Galentine’s when we want our Galentine’s, I guess. The idea is simply a women-only Valentine’s Day party, to celebrate all the wonderful women in your life. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m very excited because I never get to have guests over since I’m aways doing homework. Going from never having guests to hosting a party with eight people was kind of a big jump, but I’m doing okay — last night I worked on my DIY garland in between writing a theological paper. I hope I’m not overdoing this, but making a couple of garlands and pretty much decorating my whole house and making two kinds of homemade cupcakes (dark chocolate raspberry!!) and putting together gift bags doesn’t count as overdoing, does it? ….hah.

It’s going to be fun! I’ll have some pictures for you later. Hoping you have a wonderful Galentine’s Day yourself, and if you missed it this year, well hey you can start preparing for next year starting Thursday. ;-)





  1. Amanda

    You’re amazing!! Almost as amazing as your dark chocolate raspberry cupcakes, which I am about to enjoy another one right now! :)

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