Botanical Bathroom

I haven’t done anything with my bathroom for a while. Ever since I ripped out the horrible ivy wallpaper border — which granted was a big improvement — it’s pretty much remained a plain, dead, white. And beige. And gray. And cream. (The people who built this place didn’t take a LOT of pains to match furnishings.)

I really had no idea what I was going to do about bringing some color or SOMETHING in there. Until the other day when I was in Target and I saw this rug.

In an out-of-character move, I immediately bought it on impulse. I knew it would be perfect. It combined a deep teal with brown and cream and a cool geometric pattern. I like that the rug has shades of brown in it, because it means I can keep the perfectly good set of towels I have — which are brown and beige. A lot of bathroom color schemes I was looking at used gray as the neutral, and I hated to get rid of towels that are still very fluffy and in fine shape.

Also, I like the geometric pattern. I am a pretty pattern-phobic person, and I’ve been wanting to try to introduce more print and pattern into my home. The bathroom is a safe place to do that and a fun place to experiment with something new. Plus, for a $20-or-so rug, I wasn’t exactly making some huge investment!

After bringing the rug home and living with it for a few days, I liked it even more. So I went back to Target to see if I could find anything else that would work with the rug colors, and I found this shower curtain, part of a line called Threshold.

Now THAT’s a lot more pattern than I would normally pick. But I love the fern print and the colors, and man, it makes my boring bathroom WAY more interesting. And again, yay for inexpensive things!

After finding these two pieces I started to envision an awesome botanical bathroom with teal, brown, a little gold, and all kinds of nature-inspired accents….

This mood board has the main pieces in the room: rug, curtain, etc. I’m going to track down either this Target storage cabinet or one like it, and paint the back inside the unit teal, like the inspiration pic from Young House Love. I’d also like to do the faux bois wastebasket DIY from Apartment Therapy.

And then the smaller decoratey pieces…


  • Rug: Target
  • Shower curtain: Target
  • Bathroom storage cabinet: Target
  • Wood frames: Target
  • Gold frame: Amazon
  • Gold mercury glass candleholder: Luna Bazaar
  • Branches:
  • Porcelain acorns: Spark Living
  • Botanical print: Miles Of Light on Etsy (I already bought this and I LOVE IT!!)
  • Ocean print: mylittlepixels on Etsy


  • Painted bookshelf: Young House Love
  • Branches in vase: Domestic Peacock
  • Faux bois wastebasket DIY: Apartment Therapy


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