Friday food

We’ve been trying really hard to stay away from restaurants lately. It’s easy to get lazy and just go out for burritos on a Tuesday night because I don’t feel like cooking, and I want to eat something that weighs 5 pounds, tastes like slow-roasted pig and makes me so full I look like I’m pregnant. (Really though, I love burritos from Chipotle or Pancheros, but they’re certifiably gigantic!! And so delicious that I want to eat the whole thing! It really is unnecessary.) Plus, eating out only breeds more eating out, and pretty soon all my hard-earned cash is sucked into a black hole, never to return.

Planning (flexible) meals in advance, making sure those meals are easy to pull off during the busiest weeks, and religiously making my once-weekly grocery run helps a lot with curtailing the random Tuesday night fast-food-fest. But that still leaves the problem of the weekends. The long week is over, fun times are ahead, I’ve gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night…. and suddenly I find myself with a deep craving for sushi that will not be silenced.

So my latest idea to get around this weekend problem is to plan especially awesome food to make at home on the weekends, when I have more time to mess around in the kitchen. Spending a little extra money at the grocery store for good ingredients is still going to be a lot cheaper than dropping $50 on a meal at a restaurant.

This is what we had tonight. Nothing too fancy since this is a rough weekend for school assignments, just simple, good-tasting food we really like:

You can see that it’s shrimp, fresh broccoli, and pasta … what you can’t see is that it’s all been laced with butter, more butter, spices, and TONS of freshly squeezed lime juice. Aaaand just a bit more butter.

Not too healthy I guess, but we don’t normally eat like that. It’s kind of fun to eat something indulgent on the weekend, even if I did make it myself!

We’ll see how this strategy works. Next Friday night I’ll be attempting to finish up a paper which is currently crushing the life out of my soul, but maybe I can do some fun cooking over the weekend once the paper is done. It shouldn’t be hard at all to find a recipe with some exotic ingredients to splurge on. Maybe a trip to Trader Joe’s could even be arranged!!! Now that’s something to look forward to.



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