I need you guys to help me pick out some new glasses.

(Now do you get the pun in the title? Sorry about that.)

Lately I’ve kind of been wanting some new glasses. I’ve only ever had one pair at a time. But I also used to wear contacts a lot. Now that I wear exclusively glasses, I don’t think it would be excessive to own two pairs.

I heard about this company called Warby Parker. They have the plastic-frame hipster glasses that I like. They have really good prices. And since they’re almost exclusively online-based, they have a program that allows you to try five pairs of their glasses at home for free for five days, then return them. No cost, not even for shipping. I signed up immediately.

There were only a couple of frames I was interested in, but I went ahead and chose five to have sent to me, just for fun. They arrived two days later in a spiffy box.

As I had expected, I wasn’t a big fan of a couple of the choices — and they were immediately vetoed by Ben as “too big.” I think I know which pair I like best now — but out of the last three pairs, I thought I’d put it to a vote and see what you guys think.

Oh — and keep in mind these are just try-on pairs so they have kind of reflective lenses. If I buy a pair, they’ll have an anti-glare coating.




And a different shot of each …




I couldn’t resist taking a pic with my cute photographer (glasses I’m wearing in this pic are #3) …

Then Ben got bored, and did this, which he always does when I’m taking too many self-portraits of us and he gets bored. So I’m posting this online to shame him. Sadly enough, he doesn’t shame easily…

So which do you think I should choose, #1, #2, or #3, or none of the above? Let me know in the comments! And thanks for helping :)



  1. Connie Raguse

    Hi Bethany:
    I’m here to VOTE on your glasses!! I like #3. I had a pair like that, but I’m not going to tell you how many years ago that was!!!
    I get very hungry looking at those tasty meals you fix and post! Does Ben realize how lucky he is to have a creative cook like you?
    I have been power-eating my garden tomatoes lately. Garden fresh is so much better than ‘store-fresh’! We just had our first
    frost………so the growing season is done. I still have carrots in the garden. I’d better get back to work. Take Care..Aunt Connie

    • At Home with Bethany

      Aunt Connie, it’s so good to hear from you!! Glad you like number 3 — that’s my favorite too. ;-)

      Yes, Ben loves my cooking and is VERY appreciative. He’s fun to cook for! Actually, as much as he likes food, he’d probably cook too if I ever stopped cooking for a minute.

      Enjoy that garden produce!! I’m jealous — we don’t have time to garden because of our crazy summer camp job. Someday, though.

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