Latest foods

My cooking lately has been very strange. I’ve made some really good food, and I’ve also had a couple of uncharacteristic REALLY TERRIBLE FLOPS. But here I will only be posting pictures of the successes, not of the enormous pot of loaded baked potato soup which should have been tasty but instead turned into glue.

I made this cake a few weeks ago. It was craaaaazy good. The best part is, I came up with the concept of it myself and didn’t follow any recipes, so I really felt like I had created something / done something original.

The cake layers were lemon cake (just using a mix that I tweaked) — I baked two layers and split them to make four layers. Then between all the layers was a raspberry/cream cheese mixture, and the whole thing was topped off with lemon frosting and fresh raspberries. It was like, raspberry-lemon fusion. Ooooh, buzzword alert! Fusion!

And this is dinner from last week sometime. We eat fish about once a week, and I ALWAYS choose salmon. But this time they were out of salmon, so I went with some plain white fish and it turned out so good …. I just mushed some oil, lemon, honey mustard and stuff all over it and topped it off with a whole bunch of cilantro.

Going along with that, I made brussels sprouts for the first time. I roasted them in the oven with just olive oil, salt and pepper. I think that’s my favorite way to prepare vegetables — it’s easy and they always turn out so good. Even Ben gobbled them up like tiny cabbage snacks. ;-)

Then last night we had this caprese salad stack thing. Just tomato, fresh mozzarella, pesto, S&P.

And here’s a little shot I like to call: “Cheese, at sunset”

If that doesn’t speak deeply to you, you may be cheese challenged. ;-)




  1. annalisaphillipswilson

    lol not challenged at all.=) drooling… And can’t wait to check out the Ruch Reichl books. I’d heard of her as a critic but didn’t she wrote books (although obviously not hard to find out). I just got into the more “writing” part of food writing lately and am thoroughly enjoying it.

  2. Rachel

    The cake looks so yummy! As do the “tiny cabbage snacks” and the “Cheese, at Sunset.” The latter did bring me to tears, I will admit.

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