the nerds will inherit the earth

I’ve always been really into school, ever since I was a little kid. I think my parents would confirm that one. As evidence, may I present Exhibit A.

Check out the totally matching twin action there! I love those workbooks in which we are fastidiously coloring large circles (pie graphs, maybe?), and I also just noticed those pencil boxes. Look at that. I totally remember that bright green one I had. It’s weird to look at photos like this one because if you look closely you see familiar objects that take you right back to being a kid.

When I wasn’t scribbling in workbooks (I was homeschooled), I was usually drawing …

Yeah, I know – awesome, right? The bedhead and pajamas are because the moment I woke up in the morning I would start drawing pictures at the antique school desk by my bed. I loved to draw. That sketchpad and Prisma-Color pencil set (with a built-in stand!!) were some of my most treasured possessions.

Another thing I liked doing when I was a kid was “playing school.” My twin and I would search through the house for the biggest, heaviest, most impressive-looking books we could find. We’d find some dictionaries and such, and my dad had some biblical Greek language-study books that we’d use because they fit our “big, heavy, impressive-looking” qualifications. Then we would pretend to teach each other out of the books.

Fast forward to now, I’m in my mid-twenties and still as nerdy as ever. I still love school. I’m in my last year of seminary, and my favorite thing that I’ve studied by far has been biblical Greek. I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT. It combines my love of languages and linguistics (my previous master’s degree was in teaching English as a second language) with my interest in the Bible, and it is so fun, interesting and super challenging. I’m currently taking second-year Greek, called Exegetical Methods, and guess what my dad sent me to help me with my studies?

Yup. Those same big, heavy Greek books that I played school with as a child.

Oh, the irony is so delicious.

And would you believe I rolled out of bed this morning and immediately started studying Greek in PJs and with a serious case of bedhead? (Which you won’t be seeing a picture of. You’re welcome.) I guess I haven’t changed much in the last twenty-or-so years. Except I don’t look quite as cute right after waking up. ;-)



  1. Elizabeth Fountain

    Whoa! In the second picture, the plaque with your name on the wall; I have one just like it with my name. Too funny:)

  2. Rachel

    Bethany, you’re so funny! Loved the post, and it brought back memories for me, too. I remember rolling out of bed and writing stories on a tablet at the antique school desk we had! I’m glad seminary has been such a fun, nerdy experience for you.=)

  3. Hwajin

    Hey Bethany! how are you doing? I’m Hwajin from Korea. Hope you still remember me! =)
    I really loved reading this post! Your playing school with your sister sounds so cute haha!
    It’s interesting that you study Greek. I’ve heard Greek is the most difficult language to learn. Glad you enjoy it!

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