Vacation in Michigan

Hi folks, I’m back from my crazy summer of camp! I took a few weeks off after that to chill, SLEEP A LOT, and go on vacation.

Ben and I took a weekend and went to Williamsburg where we pretty much just rested and relaxed. About a week after that, we went to Michigan for a week. My extended family had a reunion there, in Saugatuck/Douglas on the shores of Lake Michigan.

It was amazing. Here are some photos.

We went sailing almost every day on my uncle Ben’s boat.

Playin’ some kemps on the beach.

The hubs tries his hand at being Skipper.

We saw some incredible sunsets. Lots of them, actually — every day was clear & bright, not a drop of rain or a storm the entire week.

Of course I have lots more pictures than that – hopefully I will get a chance to upload some more.

For the moment, I have to get back to work. Yup, I’m back in school for the year! Not sure how I feel about it. I’m full-time this semester, taking Hermeneutics, Missions, and Greek Exegetical Methods I. Crazy to think that I’ll be graduating in the spring with my 2nd master’s!

But that’s only if I actually do the work. :) So excuse me while I go flip some flashcards.

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