midsummer update

It’s been awhile.

In case you’ve forgotten, we look like this:

Tired & tanned pretty much sums it up, I guess. Look how brown Ben is! I wear sunscreen religiously, so I’m still pretty white. :-)

This was a picture from yesterday, Saturday, which we spent mostly at the mall since it has been SO HOT outside. Trust me, though, I’m not exactly spending my summer chillin’ at the mall. This week will be our third week of camp, and on Friday (the 13th) we will be halfway done with our regular camp season. It feels like we’ve been at it a lot longer than three weeks, though, with the week of training before camp started and then all the weeks of preparation and our two weekend teen retreats which came before that.

Camp so far has been very challenging but at the same time it’s gone well. We have a lot to be thankful for. We had a counselor get injured the second day of camp, but she is doing well now and her injury wasn’t terribly serious, thank God. We’ve been without a pool for the first two weeks, even with the heat wave last week which had us dealing with 100-degree-plus temperatures, but the pool should be ready by the middle of this week and we’re all pretty overjoyed about that. Our staff are awesome — it’s probably the strongest year I’ve seen so far in terms of staffing. The kids are needy as usual, but that’s normal. They keep me very, very busy.

My brother Jesse is working here for the summer — having him here makes me happy. :-) He does a lot of work in the barn and definitely makes camp more awesome. This week he will be counseling about a dozen little boys, so pray for him! Haha. It’s been lots of fun working with him during the week and hanging out on the weekends. Here we are da beach…

Look at me snuggling up to all these good-looking men! Hmmm … it would be sketchy except I’m related to them, lucky me.

Hard to believe camp will be over in a month! The weeks seem so long, but before we know it, it will be August 3rd and our fourth season of camp will be over! And of course there’s another milestone coming up too … somebody’s 30th birthday is a couple of weeks away … who could it be? :-)

Got to go … hope everyone’s summer is going well. See you in August or whenever I’m back on here.





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