In which my twin sister graduates magna cum laude

Today was so much fun — I got to see my twin sister Anna graduate from Concordia College. I’m so proud of her!!

I spent most of the day running around with her from friend to friend to friend, taking pictures nonstop. :) And fixing hair, etc. It was a blast.

And sat through a baccalaureate ceremony (kind of like a really large-scale Lutheran church service) and graduation ceremony. Commencement, as you can see in the picture below, was rather hot and sweaty.

Proud family with (the latest) honored graduate!

There was dinner at an Indian restaurant with family and friends. Lots of great food, presents, and even some dancing were involved … as well as TOO MANY Bollywood music videos. It was an experience.

I’m very proud of my sister and the long, long hours she has put into this degree. I think she’s probably worked twice as hard as the typical college student. I’m excited for her as she goes to grad school at the University of Minnesota next year — she’s well on her way to becoming a great neuroscientist, studying the secrets of “plasticity” in the brain, and who knows, maybe even helping find a cure for Alzheimers….

She says I can help her decorate her new place when she moves in the fall, and of course I can’t wait.

So proud of you Anna!! Now come on, please take a break for a day or two before you start the next big project. :)

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