it is done.

And another semester ends.

Hopefully just 2 more before I’m done for good.

Today was a really long day. It started at 7:30 AM with a prrrretty dang challenging Greek final exam. (By the way, there’s something innately wrong about final exams at 7:30 AM.) It ended half an hour ago when I finally submitted a 20-page paper.

Now I am more tired than I even realize. I fervently wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow. But I do. But after that I will really and truly be free. I can’t wait.

You know you’re really tired when you’re sitting at your computer doing Google Image searches for “cute bunnies,” “sleeping bunnies,” “cats doing homework,” and “sleeping puppies.” Yes, those were all actual searches I did. What can I say? I am weary in body and soul, and I want a pet.

I mean come on. Just look at this lil’ guy.

Or maybe bunnies aren’t your thing. How about this then?

Q: What’s cuter than a sleeping puppy?


I really ought to warn you now that you should never, ever search for pictures of sleeping puppies. You will want a puppy. Aaaaaaand ….. I want a puppy. (But I’ve wanted one for a long time now)

Going to bed now. :)


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