i’d rather be turning utilitarian household objects into adorable craft projects.

Today is going to be another long day of school, work, school, work (repeat ad infinitum).

I’d really rather be making things out of duct tape.

But wait! I’m a camp director. I brainstorm craft projects for the kids to do during camp. And guess what? I just decided, like 2.5 seconds ago, that duct tape bracelets will be one of our crafts for this summer. So I guess I can make bracelets for work. I have to try it out, make some samples, right?

I love my job.

For the bracelets, we will probably keep things simple. Straightforward. But this tutorial is my favorite — the bow bracelet drips cuteness!! And yes, cuteness is very drippy. You didn’t know that?

Also, I have absolutely no use for this, but could there be anything more awesome than a paper-plate polyhedron?

No. There could not.



  1. ThreeBlindWives

    Love it! I’ve been wanting to try making some duct tape headbands for myself and my nieces. A couple of years ago, I made my toddler a whole superhero costume out of duct tape. He was Bottle Boy, and I was Mega Mom! It was really cool.


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