yes this a post about cleaning products.

It’s finals week at school. I have a huge paper due on Friday, and also my Greek final is that day. So you would think I would have the paper almost done, right? Wrong. This has not been the proudest moment of my academic life; I’m afraid I have procrastinated quite a bit on this. My only excuse? I haven’t exactly been lounging on the beach or sprawled on my bed day after day reading paperback novels. I’m busy busy busy all the time …… and especially this week.

Of course, finals week is also when I decide that my house needs to be cleaned, RIGHT NOW, OR I WILL DIE. Now clearly that’s just another way to procrastinate, but at least it’s productive! So my house is now cleaner than it has been in weeks. At least in parts. While this has not helped me get my paper written, it has put me in a better frame of mind, because if there’s anything that hinders the writing process for me, it’s being surrounded by clutter.

I think I would really like to take a few days sometime in the next month and just clean. Lately I’ve been so insanely busy that I’ve barely kept up with the housework, and by “kept up” I mean that at all times there is at least a 6×6-inch dirty-dish-free zone on the kitchen counter. That’s a big enough space to make a sandwich, so we’re good. Except I really hate living that way. Even though I did a bunch of cleaning the last couple of days, there are still plenty of places that need attention, and the whole house could use a good deep-clean.

The latest issue of Real Simple featured cleaning products, and I hafta say there were some that I really want to try. I’m not one of those people who’s really into cleaning products, always buying and test-driving them, but occasionally a product piques my interest or looks like it might solve a cleaning problem I have. I’m especially drawn to things that are supposed to make cleaning quicker, since maybe if cleaning my kitchen floor takes just 2 minutes I will be more diligent to do it often …. at least that’s what I tell myself …

So here’s my Spring Cleaning Product Wishlist.

1. Swiffer sweeper (the old classic)

I’ve always stayed away from these things because they seem kind of unnecessary/not economical. You have to buy all the refills, blah blah blah. But lately I’ve been thinking they would be totally awesome. Dry cloths! Wet cloths! 2-in-1!! I wouldn’t need a broom, dustpan or floor-washing bucket, and it would be super fast and easy!! Downside: refills, ugh. I wonder if you can ever get coupons for them?

2. E-cloth microfiber cleaning cloths

I’ve been wanting to get some microfiber dust cloths for the longest time, but haven’t really found anything yet. I’ve been using paper towels and Pledge or whatever to dust, but I don’t like using too many products, and Pledge really seems unnecessary. Also, the lemon scent is annoying. Also, it doesn’t work for screens/glass lamps/etc. Microfiber cloths work by themselves, or dampened with a little bit of water — no “lemony freshness” necessary, thank goodness. And supposedly these “e-cloth” ones are the best, according to Real Simple. Although I’m going to have to remember not to use dryer sheets “because they’re kryptonite to microfiber” (Real Simple, 2012, p. 158). (Can you tell I’ve been doing a lot of academic research and source-citing?) Downside: $8 for one cloth. Yipe. Maybe I’ll go with a cheaper option.

3. Citrus Magic Natural Instant Spot and Stain Remover

They say this stuff is magic. And it’s citrus. And it’s natural. And it’s instant. And it’s $5. They got me.

4. Tilex tile and grout pen

I’m still supposedly working on re-doing my bathroom (that project has been on hold for weeks, but I plan to finish it once school is done) and one of the things I need to do is try to brighten up the whole tile/grout/caulk situation in there. I heard about grout pens once but never was able to find one — this one sounds awesome so hopefully I can track it down somewhere. Looks like Amazon has it at least. Maybe it’s weird, but my artsy self is looking forward to an hour of “cleaning,” a.k.a. drawing all over my bathroom walls with a bleach pen. Fun! :)

That’s all my wants for now. I think my Scrubbing Bubbles, Mrs. Meyer’s etc are working just fine for most jobs.

So now if you’ll excuse me. I have some cleaning — er, writing to get done.

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