see ya later, sofa

I’m sad. Well, kind of. More like disappointed. I’ve been looking for a new loveseat / apartment-size sofa for my home, and have been very much hoping to find a nice used/vintage one — both for style and because new furniture is expensive. No luck yet …. until today when this beautiful piece popped up on Craigslist.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m not really that into leather, but this one is really pretty and looks comfy. It isn’t one of those gross, bulging overstuffed recliner-sofa-monstrosities I see EVERYWHERE; it actually has a shape — and nailhead trim! (No offense to those who love their sofas to bulge.)

The price is very, very right, too. I called the number, got a call back, the sofa is available …… but it’s 6-1/2 feet long. Though that’s a fine size, it’s still just a little bit too big for my teeny, weeny living room. Grr, it can be maddening to live in such a small space! But honestly, having furniture that’s too big will only make that feeling worse. That’s what I learned with my previous 7-foot sofa … and that’s why I’m looking for a new sofa in the first place.

Now I gotta call the lady back and tell her, sorry, love the sofa but it’s too long. Then go back to looking. Sigh. Oh well, Mr. Sofa-of-my-Dreams is out there somewhere, you never know, maybe just a chance meeting on the subway one day and then ….

Now that’s a funny mental picture. Meeting a sofa on the subway and falling in love. But …………………. I would totally do that.


One comment

  1. Naomie

    Waaaah! now i’m all sad…i bet the sofa is heartbroken too…*sniff sniff* ;) I hope you find something nice!

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