My volleyball champion

In the past month, Ben has won two volleyball championships.

It’s been fun cheering him on through such an exciting season. Last month his team won a Virginia Beach city volleyball championship, which was SO cool. His team is awesome, really great people, and they enjoy playing together. I had a blast going to the games and then out for Mexican afterward, which is the team’s most cherished tradition. (Besides winning championships, of course — this was their second year in a row of winning.)

Then on Saturday Ben played (with some friends/teammates) in the championship at Regent University. And they won! He was pretty excited. They all got cool T-shirts — although Ben’s not exactly a size XL, but oh well.

I love watching him play. He’s really good and has a fantastic serve. Here he is settin’ like a pro …

The Regent championship was nice because it was outside in the sand, on probably the most beautiful day of the year so far. I sat on a blanket, did homework, watched the game, held a baby, and got a little tan (sometimes all at the same time). It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. Plus who wouldn’t want to watch this cute guy play and then get to go home with him afterward?

I think the volleyball season is over now for us, but it’s been lots of fun. I’m looking forward to this time again next year. Go Benny!



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