Crazy days, good days

As you can probably tell from the dearth of posts these days, my life is pretty much nuts.


School. (Finals are close.)

More camp/work.



It’s all piling up and it’s been kind of tough the last couple of weeks, but I’m making it. God is good and I’m not insane yet. ;-) One nice thing about going through challenging things is the way Ben and I pull together through it all …. we’ve been through a bunch of stuff together over the past 3 years of marriage plus 3 years of dating + engagement, and it seems like at this point we’ve built a good team. We know each other well by now and work hard to support each other — Ben especially is amazing to have as a buddy/teammate. I’ve had some very rough moments and he’s always there to tell me the truth and give me a hug. Or even buy me a book when I’m laying in bed and crying because I thought I made a huge and potentially terrible mistake at work which it later turned out I didn’t. (The book was great, BTW. Highly recommended if you’re a nerd like me)

Usually the first things to go when the schedule heats up are my domestic pursuits, much as I love them. Ha. Not that I enjoy cleaning really at all, but I do enjoy having a clean house! And when my workday leaves me completely and thoroughly drained, I don’t really feel like vacuuming. Or like cooking. Tonight I didn’t have much in my fridge in the way of dinner material, and I didn’t have a clue what to make. I ended up with an orzo-with-sauteed-mushrooms-and-spinach -and-lemon thing, and also bruschetta. And also — for the sake of full disclosure — eggs. Yes, eggs. Poor Ben …. he’s usually very into my cooking and loves to eat everything I make. But tonight he was giving his food some weird, unhappy looks. Actually, it tasted good (to me at least), but there’s no doubt it was WEE-IRD. So I took pity on him and suggested he eat the leftover clam chowder I made last week — an offer he gratefully accepted. :-)

OK folks, I’m out — gonna get myself a good night’s sleep. :-) I’m pretty excited about that. I have a Greek quiz in the morning, as usual. But the great news is after that one I only have 2 more left in this semester! Booyah!

Thanks for reading as always ….. hope to be back here soon with something cool & awesome. Like making goat cheese on a stick. I seriously cannot stop thinking about goat cheese on a stick!!!



  1. annalisaphillipswilson

    haha, ok I love goat cheese but that even seems a bit much… maybe it would be good if they were very *small* “pops.” Hope you got a good nights sleep!

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