Grandma remembered

(look at that smile & those sparkly eyes! she had to be winning at Rummikub.)

Today is my grandma’s birthday. She’s been gone almost 2 years now. She died on May 20, but I prefer to remember her on her birthday.

These days I think what I miss most about her is all the things she would say. Oh, she was such an outspoken lady! I’m not much of a debater/arguer and I think she probably wished I was — she loved to argue her point about everything. My brothers did more of that with her. I would just nod and smile.

Some days, especially rough days, I really wish I could hear her giving me one of her pep talks. Whatever the topic, you could boil most of them down to a central point: “You have nothing to complain about!!!” No matter how terrible I imagined my circumstances to be, Grandma could always think of something much worse that I should be thankful I was NOT experiencing. Things really were not that bad. At least it wasn’t the Great Depression, etc, etc. And you know what — she was pretty dang RIGHT.

So ….. yes, I really miss her, tough love and all. And I always, ALWAYS miss having afternoon coffee & cookies with her at the kitchen table, or on the deck when the weather was nice. I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing that.

Here’s a picture of her (and a much younger version of my littlest sis) going off to do one of her favorite things … go fishing!! She loved doing that. She would never go without her gigantic sunglasses and funny lookin’ hat.

Miss ya, Grandma.




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