The athlete I never was

The other night, we went out and got these shoes for me:

I was thinking about it and I’m pretty sure these are the first real athletic shoes I’ve ever bought for myself. Unless Converse and Vans count, which I feel like they really don’t because they have no support. These are actually shoes you run in or work out in. Nike Revolutions.

And I think it’s pretty crazy that it took me 25 years to buy a pair of athletic shoes, but it’s not all that crazy if you know me. At 5 feet 10-1/2 inches, with the body of a volleyball player, some of my favorite activities include (and have always included) reading, playing the piano, reading, cooking, and reading. I also like to read. But yeah, the point is that almost everything I love to do is more or less sedentary and does not involve scoring points, kicking butt, using my large muscle groups, or working up a sweat.

Until recently, when a few things changed. My husband is a very athletic person and living with him has helped me realize there is another way of life that does not include curling up on the couch with hot chocolate and a book EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. (Although that kind of sounds like paradise, but that’s not the point.) He plays football, basketball, volleyball. He loves the outdoors and likes to take walks and rollerblade. So that’s been a change. Also, although I am extremely active during the summer when I’m working at camp, during the off-season I spend almost all of my time working at a desk and doing homework. Sitting around, all the time, makes me antsy and I want to DO something with myself. And in Virginia there’s so much to do! It’s warm outside most of the year, there are lots of things to do outside, and we pay less than $8 per person per month to use our awesome city rec center located only 10 minutes away.

So I find myself more frequently wanting to go canoeing or biking or work out. Seriously? When did I start loving the elliptical machine? Who is this person? It’s a weird feeling. Maybe I’m going to become one of THOSE people who faithfully frequent the gym, who go for bike rides after work instead of vegging in front of the evening news.

I don’t know how this is going to go or what kind of strange health-crazed person I’m going to morph into, but I guess I’ll find out. All I know is, I really want to go to the gym to show off my new shoes. A comforting sign that the old lazy Bethany is still alive and kicking — I get more excited about cute workout clothes than the workout itself. :-)

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