The destroyin’ of the green

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was lovely. It included a lot of hanging out with friends, a midnight bike ride, and not one but TWO bookstore dates. (For the uninitiated, a bookstore date is when you take your friend/significant other and go to a bookstore and sit cozily for a long time — until closing, if possible — drinking coffee and reading and occasionally looking up from your book or magazine to smile and/or talk with your friend/significant other.) I love them. Bookstore dates are where it’s at for me and my nerdy lover. haha.

The big accomplishment of my weekend was finally painting over the bathroom ceiling and thus obliterating all traces of that bright, ugly green from my bathroom now and forever. Amen. This happened on Saturday. And so, on St. Patrick’s Day, green was forever abolished from my house. I find the irony in this quite delightful.

If you’ve been following this project, you’ll recognize the before picture. If not, you can catch up: read this, then this, then this.

Dang, that hurts my eyes! Here’s the after:

Big improvement, yes?

Painting over the ceiling stripes was the part I was dreading the most. I mean, ripping out the wallpaper was pretty easy and very satisfying. But painting those VERY green, VERY skinny little stripes on the ceiling seemed like it would be terribly painstaking and back-aching and head-aching. And whatever else you can think of that rhymes with “aching.” So I was pleasantly surprised to find out it really wasn’t all that bad.

My equipment included KILZ premium primer (for ultimate stainblockingness), a one-inch brush, and some rags.

Is it just me, or does saying the word KILZ make you think of this scene from Napoleon Dynamite?

“IT KILLS!!! IT KILLS!!!” hahahaha….. I love Napoleon so much.

So yeah, I’m probably the only person who thinks of this when saying the word KILZ. You know, I’m OK with that.

The primer was awesome stuff — I was glad I got the Premium. Maybe the regular stuff would have worked too, but I guess I’ll never know. I did two coats to make sure all that green was covered up, because if you can’t tell, I NEVER WANT TO SEE IT EVER AGAIN. Once I get to the painting-the-bathroom step, it will get a final coat of regular white paint.

So the bathroom went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

I’m very happy with it! It’s really boring and white now, but I personally think boring and white is a big improvement over ugly and green. And it’s almost time to think about decorating it with stuff so it will be less boring and white.

Here’s a list of things that still need to happen in order to finish up this bathroom re-do:

  • Thoroughly scrub every surface in the bathroom, especially walls in preparation for painting
  • Scrub tile & grout with some kind of bleach cleaner to make them sparklayyyy
  • Repair small holes in walls with spackle
  • Give walls a coat of white paint
  • Install new hardware — towel bar, toilet paper dispenser, etc.
  • Spray paint metal storage shelf (it’s not in any of the pictures, but you’ll see it eventually)
  • Bring in some art, a new rug, etc. to spruce it up!

When it’s finished, it’s not going to be some awesome color or amazing design. It’s just not that kind of bathroom, and since it’s a rental I can’t change any of the big stuff that makes such a difference. But I will have taken it from being a complete eyesore to hopefully being a pretty nice little bathroom, and that’s good enough for now.

I hope to get it cleaned and painted this week, and we’ll move on to decorating from there!



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