Bathroom Re-do: The planning stage

Hey folks!

Well, tomorrow morning at 7:30 I take my Biblical Greek midterm. Studying for it has been an arduous task — for the past week we’ve really done nothing in the evenings but study for that durn midterm. I am so eager to get it behind me, and hoping I will be sufficiently prepared for it.

However, griping about school is not what I came here to do. What I came here to talk about is …. my plans for next week, spring break!! (Cue the rejoicing, frolicking, and much talking about “getting a lot of reading done” but not even cracking open a book the whole week — yup, that’s spring break.)

Usually on my breaks I pretty much laze around and waste all my time. Which isn’t necessarily bad if you’ve been going at 150% for a month or two. But this time around I really want to have something to show for it, so I’ve decided to FINALLY DO SOMETHING about the butt-ugly bathroom situation I’ve got going on in my apartment.

You know how on Apartment Therapy when they do a Home Tour and they ask what is the person’s “biggest embarrassment” the answer is almost always “the bathrooms”? Well, I’m one of those people. Somebody who lived in our apartment before we did, and who shall remain nameless — because I actually have no clue who they were — felt it necessary to put an ivy wallpaper border up in the bathroom. IVY, people!!

It looks kind of like this. Except much uglier.

And it gets worse. Apparently they were dead set on making that bathroom some kind of ivy oasis, so they did this ridiculous paint job to the ceiling. My whole apartment has the most awful ceiling tiles, which I won’t get into because that’s another (tragic) story, but you know how ceiling tiles are held in place by little metal strips, in a grid? Well, this unknown person painstakingly painted every inch of those strips a bright, ugly green.

Such attention to detail is actually pretty inspiring. But also, terrible. Because I am going to have to somehow prime and paint over those VERY green strips, ON THE CEILING, and probably give myself the worst neck-strain of my life. But so be it.  I can’t take it anymore. Those stripes are coming off. And the ivy, too.

So, Ivy Destruction Day is scheduled for sometime next week. I’m going to get up on a chair, and use my hair dryer/water/vinegar/fabric softener/plastic scraper/teeth/claws to somehow get that wallpaper border off. The internet has a lot of different ideas to get wallpaper off, so I guess we’ll see what works. Hopefully I won’t get as far as the “teeth and claws” method cause that sounds kind of scary.

The next unpleasant but oh-so-worth-it task will be to prime and paint the ceiling back to a nice, dignified white. This may take the rest of the week, but whenever I do get that done I plan to finish the job by giving the entire bathroom a VERY thorough scrubdown and then re-painting the walls.

The bathroom is painted white and just about everything in there is white/off-white. We’re not supposed to paint our walls, so I’m just going to paint it white. Technically it may look kind of the same but it really is going to look so much better — it really needs a paint job. I’m going to fix up little things too, scrub the heck out of the tile and grout, spackle the little holes, etc.

Then there will be some small details — some new hardware, a new rug since I accidentally dyed the current one a weird salmon color last week (good one Bethany), some art, etc. Nothing AMAZING, because there really is no way to make that bathroom AMAZING, but I think there is definitely room for improvement. I just want to end up with a bathroom that is decorated simply in a dark color (like gray/black) and white. No more ivy. No more green.

So! Midterm tomorrow, weekend after that, and then Operation Embarrassing Bathroom is officially underway.

Wish me luck.


  1. Caleb

    You know, they do sell wallpaper remover at most department or home improvement stores. You will find it highly effective. More effective then your teeth or claws. And possibly better then both combined. If you feel obligated to wallow in frustration for the sake of saving a buck, by all means, appease your inner scrooge. And THEN buy a bottle. :D Note: for the aforementioned magical potion to work, you may/will find it necessary to poke little holes in the paper so it can soak through and attack the paste! (Which is what it is designed to do) Wallpaper, especially the kind found in bathrooms, is designed to be water proof/resistant so it doesn’t fall off every time you take a shower. Bad part is it’s impervious to vinegar, olive oil, spit, magical potions, and possibly even Chuck Norris(pending confirmation). is a tool designed to perforate the paper so the magical potion can do it’s thing. You can most likely find it, or one of it’s cousins or nephews, at your local home improvement store. or you can peel back the edge, pour a little behind the paper, wait 5 minutes, and repeat indefinitely. Cheerio!

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