Spinach Pesto Dip

I have a recipe for you today. It came from the March 2012 issue of Real Simple but with some tweaks from me. It’s really easy, healthy, snackalicious …. and highly addicting. WATCH OUT.

I don’t have a photo so I drew you this picture:

OK, you can stop laughing now. Are you quite finished? Good. Just remember, I had to draw this on Microsoft Paint. Yes. Paint. That’s why it’s such a fantastic drawing.

Seriously this dip is really good, so you should try it — unless you don’t like pesto or spinach or something, in which case you have my deepest pity. The mayo was not in the original recipe, but without it the dip is extremely tangy, yikes. Adding just a couple spoonfuls of mayo mellowed it out a lot. It’s still MUCH less mayo-y than the average spinach dip recipe out there.

Hope you have a good Wednesday! I’m super stoked for vacuuming! And studying! ;-) Yep, it’s definitely Wednesday.

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