A lovely almost-spring evening

The weather here lately has been so nice — warming up during the days, but still with cool nights. Of course since it’s Virginia Beach the temperatures are all over the place; Friday it was almost 80 degrees (I still can’t get used to that in February!!) and then a huge wind came up and it was maybe in the 50s, but felt much colder because it was so windy, on Saturday. Pretty ridiculous.

But I don’t like hearing people complain about the weather here, because seriously — we can’t forget it’s FEBRUARY. It is amazing to have such nice weather in the middle of the winter, even if some days are still cool. Come on, people.

So I got this sweater from LL Bean the other day — and I LOVE it. I want to wear it every day, but I make myself wear other clothes from time to time. Haha. It’s actually a mens’ size small. Because I’m so tall I can get away with wearing guys’ stuff as long as I’m going for a bulky, oversize look (which I was here). It’s cotton so it isn’t too hot, but it’s still warm because it’s really thick. I think this is the first thing I’ve ever bought from LL Bean, and I may buy more … it isn’t cheap, but it’s made so well. Right now I’m wearing it with skinny jeans on cooler days and skirts or shorts on warmer days. It seems to work with anything. I don’t know how far into the spring I’ll be able to wear it (depending on how quickly it gets all gross and humid here) but we’ll see. Hopefully another month or so. :)

Workin’ my manly sweater … yay.

That was fun.

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