If I have time this weekend, I kind of want to watch the Oscars. Probably I will get bored & tired before it’s over and won’t watch the whole thing, but I find it mildly entertaining. It’s fun to see all the funky stuff people are wearing, and who wins the awards. Although this year, I’ve hardly seen any of the top-nominated films. It’s just been a busy year, and watching the latest films is not usually at the top of my to-do list!

But here are some things that would be fun for an Oscars party (whether you’re inviting people over or just partying like a rockstar by yourself on your couch).

These stoneware TV trays from Uncommon Goods are so fun. I love it when cheap disposable things like TV trays get re-imagined as actual dishes. (You may have seen things like ceramic egg cartons and produce baskets around the interwebs — I love those. Or this amazing “glass zipper bag”, also from Uncommon Goods, which is so deliciously ironic.)

Image: Uncommon Goods.

And Jessica from How About Orange has free printable Oscar bingo sheets and ballots, if you want to make a game out of it. Awfully generous of her — looks like lots of fun. Chances are I will be flipping Greek flashcards while I watch, but we’ll see, maybe I’ll have time for Oscars bingo.

Image: How About Orange.

Do you ever watch the Oscars?



One comment

  1. Naomie

    The weird clothes are the best part! that’s all i care about…and i could do with some of that yummy mac and cheese too! :D

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