Missin’ my twin

I was going to post this Monday, but the post-office-slow internet connection had other plans.

Last weekend Ben and I made a very quick, very fun trip to Charlottesville, VA where my twin sister Anna is applying for a grad school position at UVa. She currently lives in MN (where my family’s from) and after almost three years of living far apart it is exciting to think/hope/dream that next fall she could be living only a 3-hour drive away.

I’m not really into begging God for stuff, but from time to time, without really being conscious of it, I find myself muttering under my breath, please God please God please God let Anna get into UVa….

I just do hope she gets in. I miss her so much between visits. I miss my WHOLE family, of course, but they’re not likely to all of them pick up and move to Virginia. Having one sibling here would be so nice, though.

Add to that that Charlottesville is completely AWESOME — full of little independent shops, great places to eat, so many great stuffed-to-the-gills used bookstores it makes me feel a little faint, not to mention the beauty of the UVa college itself and the impressively uniform preppiness of its students. I mean, Thomas Jefferson founded this place! It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

So I’m waiting, and wishing, and reeeeally hoping Anna gets in. Knowing that if she does, I probably will basically live in Charlottesville on the weekends. Yay! The good thing is that Ben likes it too. (Little known fact: He was actually born there. Both of his parents graduated from UVa.)

Here’s hoping that 6 months from now will find me hanging out with my sister on a much more frequent basis, spending more money than anyone would think possible on vintage books, and ogling delicious old buildings like this one:


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