Guess what: I don’t hate Valentine’s Day!

In fact, I’m looking forward to it. And yes, I’ve heard the argument that we should love the people around us not just one day a year, but 365. However, I’m pretty sure Valentine’s Day is one of those 365 days …. so my plan is to love people all year and ESPECIALLY on V-day. Cool?

But I plan to get my mushy on ALL WEEK LONG. Yep. And if you don’t like that, well …. haters gonna hate.

Image: Cafemama, flickr. Love Valentine’s Day, hate these awful-tasting candies.

So here’s what you can expect next week.

On Monday I’m making a meal for a good friend who just had a baby. And some part of that meal is going to be heart-shaped. Not sure what yet, but possibly my mom’s fantastic buttermilk biscuits?

On Tuesday, the actual day of lovvvve, the plan is to make pretzels again like I did last week, but heart-shaped, for the ladies at the office. Because nothing says “You’re nice, I appreciate you” like a hot, homemade, buttery, salty pretzel. In a heart shape. Oh yeah.

Image (and recipe): Maya Made

On Tuesday I might also post a grossly mushy tribute to my very own honey, which will probably be, like, really in-love and totally sickening. Cause I’m crazy about my husband like that. If you want to skip reading the blog that day, you have my permission. Just stay away, why don’t you, and give us a moment. Alone. hahahaha ;-)

(Or possibly, depending on how intense the heart-shaped-pretzel-making experience gets, the mushy post may not happen until Wednesday. Just a heads up. Watch out.)

And the rest of the week? Ummmm …… not sure yet. I may have exhausted the heart-shaped food trend by then. But probably not. We haven’t even explored the Valentine’s desserts angle yet — heart shaped ice cream sandwiches, anyone? (Ben would flip for these.)

Martha Stewart

Or how about breakfast: the heart-shaped egg in a basket, a sweet twist on the old classic.

Food 4 Tots

I’m definitely into eggs for breakfast, Ben not so much. If I wanted to make him a Valentine-y breakfast, I’d have to figure out how to make cereal heart-shaped — ha. Or waffles; Ben is a waffle fiend, and (what do you know) I have a heart-shaped waffle maker!! Seems too easy…..

Anyway. Enough about food.

Unfortunately, I can’t JUST make cute heart-shaped stuff all week, I have to semi-participate in real life as well. I’ve got a paper due soon, and several meetings to go to next week, so yeah. Hopefully I will have time for some fun creative-ness though.

So ………. do you love or hate Valentine’s day? Any plans for celebrating it? Are you going to be all obsessive and make everything heart-shaped like me, or just go out to dinner like a normal person? Haha. Just to clarify, in addition to being all obsessed and making everything heart-shaped, I also plan on having dinner like a normal person (at home, I can’t stand the madness of restaurants on Feb 14th!) and and present my honey with a (homemade) card and thoughtfully selected gift. Yep, just like a normal person. I try to at least maintain the illusion. :-)

Hope you have a sweet weekend!

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles Schultz


One comment

  1. Sarah

    Yay!! I love love. :) You have come up with a brilliant Valentines week agenda. :D I’m about to start working on all things heart shaped, now having two classes of children and my sweetheart to prepare for. <3 A recipe I'm super excited about trying someday is heart shaped french toast with strawberry butter. :) YUM!! <3

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