Things Tall Girls Think About: Boots

If you’re not almost 6 feet tall, you may not have given this very much thought, but as a tall girl I have. Most boots are made for average-length legs, so on people like me these boots look too short. Sometimes ridiculously too short.

I have two pairs of boots – one pair of rubber rain boots that I wear only on the very wettest Virginia days, and one pair of brown slouchy boots that are probably supposed to be almost knee-high, but are a LOT shorter than that on me.

I got the brown boots yearrrrrrrs ago …. and although they are extremely comfortable, they’re falling apart and looking gross. So I’ve been looking for new ones. Only thing is, this time I want boots that come all the way up my calf, like knee-high boots are supposed to. Well ……. that hasn’t been easy at all. After several months of checking out different stores, both online and in person, I’ve only been able to find a couple of pairs that will be tall enough for my long legs, and nothing under $100. Ack!

But I finally have found a couple of pairs of boots that I really like online, and with about a 15-3/4″ shaft I think both pairs will be long enough. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet (as they say) and buy one of them, before they sell out. Which one should I buy?? Please give me your advice.

First we have Franco Sarto Profile. They are beautiful boots, but in quite a few reviews people say they have trouble with the zipper sticking. They’re about $120 with free shipping from a cool website I found called Everywhere else they’re more like $150 (and up).

Our next contender is Type Z Sharris. These are good-looking boots too, but I don’t recognize the brand at all. I know Franco Sartos are built like a tank, but what is Type Z?! However, the reviews are good, they’re tall enough, and they’re $105 at 6pm (free shipping) and $110 at Zappos (which has free shipping AND free return shipping).

I thought about these: Franco Sarto Patriot. They’re cheaper than both options above. But the leather looks darker than what I’m looking for, and they seem too casual with the zippers on the outside. So they’re not in the running anymore, although I do like them.

I don’t have ankle boots in my budget for this year, but aren’t these cool? Very menswear-ish. Next year I MUST find either a pair of oxfords or something like this, for everyday wear during the fall/winter. (Clarks Desert Boot.)

And …. okay …. I would never spend my hard-earned money on these silly boots, but aren’t they awesome?! Ha! And the name is even better: Big Buddha Guest. They make me LOL. I would have fun styling them. :-)

So – tell me which of the first two styles I should buy. And what do you think of the others? Opinions please!!!

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  1. Nomes

    I agree with Kathryn…
    I like the style of the first boot best…(but i like the color of the other one better than the reddish color the first one has)…and then that last one is just awesome! :D
    let me know which one you get! they’re both really nice!

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