Awkward and Awesome!

Today I’m stealing an idea from a favorite blog of mine, The Daybook. On Thursdays Sydney sometimes does an Awkward and Awesome post. They’re always quite entertaining to read …. and since this week in my life has been unusually full of awkward and awesome things, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon a little bit here. :-)

The Awkward:

  • Hearing a song at the gym that gets me pumped, and being all like “I love this song!” and thinking it’s going to be my next favorite song … and then hearing it for a second time, and realizing it’s actually kinda dirrrrtyyy …… like actually really gross. Oh, ok. Guess I don’t want to sing along …. after all. Boo.
  • People’s TMI facebook statuses. I really didn’t want to know that! Why on earth would anybody want to know that? Clearly they did not ask themself this question before posting.
  • Women getting a little TOO excited about being around my fun and good-looking husband. “Oh you’re soooooo funnyyyyy!” …. and I’m like, hellooo, I’m standing right here …. and he’s TAKEN, K?!?
  • Not wearing my wedding ring. It’s been at the jeweler’s all week getting cleaned. Last night I was at the gym by myself, and as I was walking out after my workout a man stopped me and asked me how to get to the grocery store. After several minutes of me POLITELY giving him detailed directions, he said,  “Actually, I know where all that stuff is. I just wanted to meet you, maybe we could go out for coffee…” I couldn’t believe my ears! This kind of thing does not happen to me. Seriously …. the grocery store? What?! I need my ring back. It was just SO AWKWARD, especially when I told him I was married. I would feel sorry for him, but …. well, you brought that on yourself, mister.

The Awesome:

  • Playing the piano I got for Christmas. It’s so much fun … I’m learning a piece by Schubert, which is awesome. And also last night Ben and I were playing and singing together, and we actually sounded good! I can’t believe I lived without a piano for almost 3 years.
  • My husband. What can I say, I’m in love.
  • My newly muscle-licious self. Working out a few nights a week is starting to make a real difference, and it’s pretty fun too. I can’t believe I’m getting stronger AND actually enjoying it! That’s a new one for this couch-and-hot-chocolate loving bookworm.
  • Last night’s dinner. I haven’t been cooking very much the past couple of days, and last night I was determined to make something good, even though we didn’t eat until very late. Behold, beef and orange stir-fry. It was so yummy!! And guess where the recipe came from? :-)

Source: Martha Stewart Food

I’d love to hear your awkward and awesomes, too! Leave me a comment :-)

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