Wishful Thinking: Cozy Cabin Life

Maybe it’s because I’ve been living by the beach for a while ….. or the generally warm temps year round in Virginia … or the fact that it’s January and instead of pretty snow all it does is rain, rain RAIN day after day …

… but I’ve been dreaming about how nice it would be to be in a cozy little cabin, preferably somewhat surrounded by woods, with a fire going and snow blowing around outside. It would be warm and snug and everyone would be wearing plaid and moccasins and playing board games. Sounds so blissful.

Now I am aware of the irony in this — that, living 20 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, I would be wishing for cold, snowy weather. I know, I know, it’s ridiculous. But there’s something so cozy about a cold winter, and I guess it’s the coziness I’m craving right now. Plus if you could just see how dreary and gray and yucky it is here …… although, of course, the way the weather changes around here it will probably be 70 degrees and sunny by Tuesday and I will have forgotten all about winter. :-) But just for now, I’m imagining how fun it would be to spend a weekend in a place like this ….



And this one’s not really a cabin ….. an ultra-luxe chalet owned by an incredibly rich person … that’s more like it. Far, far out of my reach, alas. But just think of having all this sunlight coming into your living room – during long, frigid winters that would make quite a difference!!


No log cabin fantasy would be complete without a roaring fire in the fireplace, some large breed dogs lounging around on the floor, hot chocolate and games like Scrabble and Clue, and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, wearing flannel plaid shirts and other cozy gear.

Speaking of which, I have to say, I currently am pretty much obsessed with plaid. It’s my brother Daniel’s fault; he started wearing a lot of plaid and now a few years later, most of the rest of my family have caught the bug. For evidence, here’s a pic from Christmas.

And I’m pretty sure Nomes is wearing plaid under her sweatshirt. ;-) Hey, it’s possible…

I’ve been kind of into the whole log-cabin-living thing for a while now. My twin lived in a small log cabin in rural Oklahoma for ayear, and I used to visit her there. I fell in love with log cabins. Hers was adorably cute, with a piano (!!), coffee mugs hanging from nails pounded into the wall, and the whole thing heated by a wood-burning stove. Everything smelled like smoke, and there were always critters trying to share the cabin, but it was the happiest, coziest place imaginable. One day I think it would be amazing to live in a log cabin. At least part of the time – you know, like a vacation house. I’m totally going to be rich enough to have 2 houses one day – hahaha. But anyway, a girl can dream …..

And if I never get to live in a log house, I think it would be fun to decorate a room of my house kind of cabin-y, outdoorsy style someday. Like a child’s room (boy), or a man-cave for my husband, if we ever had enough space for a such a room. I wouldn’t use anything too cheesy , but there would be plenty of objects, patterns and textures to evoke an outdoorsy life — plaid and natural fabrics, leather, antiquey things, bits of nature brought inside, vintage signs and things like that hanging on the wall.

For now, there’s nothing to do but wait for better weather here in VA …. and imagine how fun it would be just for a few days to dress up like this and go play in the snow:


Wherever you are, I hope you are having a happy and cozy January. :-)


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