Hard Questions

Could somebody please tell me ….

– why home furnishings cost so much? Specifically, euro shams? Is it really 6X more expensive to manufacture a square pillowcase instead of a rectangular one?

– why shipping sometimes costs more than the item itself?

– why the only lamp shade IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (apparently) that I like and that works with my room decor doesn’t come in the correct size?

– and why (since we’re on that topic) gray lamp shades seem to be as rare as albino crocodiles? Gray is so underrated and underappreciated, it’s just sad.

– why it only rains when I don’t have an umbrella with me?

– why unhealthy food tastes so good?

I mean, somebody has to ask these hard questions. :-P



  1. Nomes

    i think i have some answers for you…

    1. Clearly, you’ve never cut out a rectangle or a square…if you had you would totally understand…
    2. This is just the United States postal service’s way of frustrating us.
    3. Because nobody wants the lampshades sized infinitesimal or gargantuan…which would bring us to the question of why they even make them??
    4. Gray lamp shades are made with unicorn tears…which makes it quite impractical for just the ordinary store to carry them you see…
    5. Here’s a question for you…how can you go out in the rain, without an umbrella, and not get a single hair on your head wet? Go Bald! a very simple solution in my opinion…
    6. I’m afraid i don’t have an answer for that one…maybe because deep down inside itself, it is healthy food disguised as unhealthy food…yeah, so that cheeto you’re holding is actually a carrot stick in disguise…uh huh…yep, totally…

    I hope this helps! Lol! :D

  2. Emily Anne Lehman

    I enjoyed your post. Along the lines of the euro shams, I have often wondered why throw pillows are so expensive? Also, I have determined that I just hate lamps in general. It is so hard to find lamps that I love. So you’re not alone in your questioning…

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