Cookin’ up some brunch

Tomorrow morning Ben and I have a meeting at work. In order to lure people to the meeting — after all, who wants to go to yet another, probably long, meeting? — I am making brunch. Some of the other meeting attendees are bringing things, too. It’s gonna be tasty. Of course, I’m not getting a lot of studying done for the THREE quizzes I have to take Friday morning (sob) …… but hey, I’m going to eat well tomorrow. Haha.

The menu:

  • My breakfast casserole — which is kind of fantastic, and makes friends wherever it goes. It has eggs, bacon/sausage, and a LOT of cheese. Artery-clogging goodness, bring it on baby.
  • Banana bread, the recipe I’ve been making ever since I was a kid, which has never failed me. And I put CHOCOLATE CHIPS in it!!
  • Blueberry coffee cake. My grandma’s recipe …. always a classic. And I picked the blueberries myself, right here in VA last summer.
  • Some other baked thing that a co-worker is bringing.
  • Some kind of fruit, brought by yet another co-worker.
  • Orange juice
  • Coffee

Woot woot. I just hope everyone is happy and jolly and has a good time. Because this has been kind of a lot of work. But hopefully it will all pay off, if I can just remember to get everything in the car in the morning. I also need to go get this breakfast casserole made so I can go to bed! The banana bread and blueberry coffee cake are already baking in the oven. I just have to get up pretty early in order to get everything done in the morning, and I need to get some sleep too. I’m really tired. This week has just been so packed, even though it’s only Wednesday I’m exhausted!! :-)

Wishing you a delicious Thursday. :-)



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