Happy weekend!

Hey everyone, happy Friday! What does your weekend look like? Mine should be fairly quiet, which will be nice since it’s been a long, busy week. We have a couple of little get-togethers to go to, and I have to make some food to bring to those …. any ideas for good party food? Dips, snacks, stuff like that?

I also have to do some studying to prepare myself for Tuesday, when I go back to school. Not sure if I should put a smiley or frowny face here …. sigh …. I like school OK but I’m not sure if I want to go back just yet. I’m thinking it might be more profitable to move to a tropical resort island and do some …. research … on something. Like beaches. And restaurants. And other tourist attractions. A good idea, yes? Now do you know of any universities that offer degrees in Chillaxin On the Beach?

The New Year’s resolutions are going pretty well. I’m still making soup for dinner, although the last couple of recipes haven’t turned out as well as the first ones. :-( Next week we’re going to switch to salads, and I will post our favorite recipes from the last two weeks of soup-eating. :-)

All right, hope you have a good weekend! Hope it includes lots of pajama-wearing and book-reading, or whatever you love to do on the weekends.



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