New Year’s Resolution #2: Get moving

Yesterday I wrote about our first new year’s resolution, to get our eating habits back on track and eat better in 2012.

Today, our second resolution: get off the couch.

Since Ben and I work at a summer camp, each year from about May to August we are about as in-shape as we get. We work 80-hour weeks, and much of that time is spent on our feet, walking, running, swimming, and generally moving around. Every summer I lose weight, despite the fact that I eat a lot of “camp food” all summer long.

However, once we hit September the situation changes. For most of the school year we are not running around camp, we are sitting in the office. And when we come home at night, we sit on the couch and do homework for school. And then watch a TV show. Or whatever. Obviously we don’t do that EVERY NIGHT, but you get the idea — we get pretty sedentary. And as we all know, it’s not a good idea to go for days at a time without doing anything remotely strenuous …. plus it gets boring!!!!!

So our second resolution for the new year is to get out there and do more active stuff, instead of curling up on the couch with a book every night, or just doing homework and going to bed. It’s easy to fall into a pattern and we want to mix it up a little.

But saying “OK, we’re going to do more ….. stuff” isn’t really going to get you anywhere. You have to have a plan and maybe invest some money in it; a new lifestyle isn’t going to just create itself. You have to plan what you’re actually going to DO, something that you will enjoy, or you’ll find yourself on the couch again, because it’s dang comfortable, that’s why. :-)

Ben and I have a lot of things we can do this year to get moving and get stronger. We both have memberships at our local recreation center. It’s a great rec center with a lot of things to do (swimming, basketball, volleyball, weights, cardio machines, etc), and it’s very inexpensive. We are also taking a dance class one night a week for the next month. And for the last couple of months we have been assembling all the gear to be able to go canoeing on the weekends. We saved up and bought a rack for our car, we got a canoe for Christmas, and many family members kindly gave us other gear and supplies. Like paddles …. kind of necessary, right?! :-) This past Saturday we actually took our canoe out on its “maiden voyage,” which is where these pictures came from.

So we have all those cool things to do … and in addition there are the usual options of taking a walk, riding our bikes, or even just working out at home. It’s obvious, we have plenty of fun things to do, we just need to do them! I guess this is where the willpower comes in. Because every night the comfy couch, good book and mug of hot chocolate beckons me. I just love to be lazy …… but I’m trying to branch out. I can still have my lazy evenings, just not every evening.

And when I do get out of the house — go to the gym, or go canoeing, I always feel good afterward, if a little sore. :-) I’m excited about the next few months of weekend canoe trips and other things, which I know will enrich my life if not make me look like Arnold. Hah. I am many things, and muscular is not one of them. But maybe repeatedly loading and unloading an 80-pound canoe on and off my car roof will change that!

(Although, I truly doubt it.)

So bring it on, 2012. A year to try new things, see new places, sweat a lot, and become a kick-butt canoe paddler. Or whatever they call people who paddle canoes.

It’s going to be awesome.



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