Christmas in Minnesota

Here it is, folks … pictures from our Christmas.

First you have to see the piano Ben and I bought ourselves for our Christmas present!!!

We had been waiting and saving for a long time, and we got it as our gift to ourselves. :) It’s a beautiful, beautiful Yamaha. Yaaaayyyy.

We got to spend a lot of time this Christmas with family, especially my family since we spent Thanksgiving with Ben’s. We spent the evening of December 23rd with Ben’s family, and on Christmas Eve we flew to Minnesota to be with my family for about a week, and then we went to Kentucky to spend New Year’s with Ben’s grandparents!

Minnesota was such a blast. We did SO MUCH stuff in less than one week: ice skating, bowling, making cookies, lots of trips to our favorite local coffee shop, game nights in front of a roaring fire…. it was so much fun!!

Here I am playing hockey. Don’t I look legit? Ha, I really can’t play hockey … I just skate around and try not to fall over while attempting to whack the puck around.

Now these guys (my amazing brothers, plus some friends) really do know how to play.

Anna helping her friend Cindy learn how to skate. :)

Silly girls…

Me and my coooool brother Caleb…

Naomi guards the (tipped over) goal… hey that’s my hat!!

Group shot!!

Ben and my brothers also played a lot of football during the visit. It was very entertaining to watch them chase each other all over the field like little ants. Or very big ants … my brothers are all kind of HUGE. We got some great pictures. You’ll notice they didn’t have any snow … quite unusual for MN in December!

So intense!! haha

After deciding that a career in football was just too exhausting, the men decided to try modeling instead.

My brother is hot… *cough* sorry Jesse.
Also isn’t my family’s new doggie cute? His name is Casey and he is a holy terror. Just kidding, well, he does get into a lot of trouble but he’s a good dog at heart. Just has some growing up to do. :-)

I love my siblings so much. We have so much fun together!!

We’re a silly bunch.

Speaking of family pets (we were, remember?) here’s my family’s new horse. Her name is Sadie, and she is beauuutiful … she has one blue eye and one brown one!!

And more shots of the always adorable (and mischievous) Casey…

Yes, my parents do live in MN with all of my siblings …. :) Here they are, group shot from our annual bowling night!!

Another yearly tradition is making cookies. We like to make ginger cut-out cookies like my grandma used to do. She called gingerbread men “ginger laddies.” So we call them that too. We made a lot of gingerladdies.

An unfortunate gingerladdy death. Isn’t it awful? Yeahh, we can be kind of morbid…

OK, parting shots …. I know this has been a lot of pictures!! But these last two are beautiful. It finally did snow, the day before we left.

Thanks for reading!! Hope your Christmas was merry & bright …. ours was wonderful. We are so blessed.

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