returned from the dead


I’m back. And so, so ready for Christmas break!!

I’ve been extremely busy working the last few weeks. I finished school, then work got CRAZY. I work for a charitable organization and one of the major things they do is a Christmas food & toy drive to benefit needy families in the area. We gave out food to over 1,000 families and toys to over 1,000 children. People give a lot of food & toys for the drive, and the work is done by volunteers. Ben and I helped manage the volunteers, interviewed clients, gave out the food & toys to clients, among many other things. We would work 12-hour days several days a week, and the last few weeks we have worked much more than that, basically living at the warehouse where the whole thing took place.

It was pretty dang arduous …. and I am relieved to be done since you can’t keep up that kind of pace forever … but it was really successful I think. I feel good about it. Plus we got the warehouse AMAZINGLY clean yesterday (thanks to a steady stream of volunteers). It had been very messy before, and by the time we left yesterday it was just … shiny.

It was an incredible feeling to be done with something I’ve been working on since the first week in September. The last volunteer walked out the door, the haze of dust from sweeping the floor finally cleared, we looked around at the clean space and the leftover food stacked so neatly on the shelves ….. I quickly went over to the computer and pulled up the Hallelujah Chorus on Youtube. We have a great surround sound system in the warehouse. I turned that baby up LOUD and blasted the Hallelujah Chorus. Ben & I ran skipping and dancing around the warehouse, to the amusement of our co-workers. Good thing none of them had a video camera handy. ;-)

So now I have one day to get my life together (ack!) and tomorrow morning EARLY EARLY we get on a plane headed for Minnesota. I can’t wait to see my family and spend a nice long holiday week with them. YAY.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!!!


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