Maine (New England Trip Part III)

I’ve been thinking lately about the vacation we took this past summer and how amazing it was (posted about it here, here, and here). Especially the days we spend in Maine stick in my head — even though it wasn’t my favorite part about the trip at the time — something about the beauty of Maine is just hard to forget! And I never got around to posting pictures of that part of the trip for you guys to enjoy.

So I thought I’d throw them up for you to see — a little piece of summer to look at while winter rapidly approaches. Sorry it took so long to post … but better late than never, right??

I’ll keep text to a minimum since I think the pics can speak for themselves, but to give you a little context, basically our trip to Maine went like this. We had spent several days in Boston, then quickly detoured down to Newport, RI to see the mansions and stuff. So then we drove back up past Boston to Maine, about 5 or 6-hour drive. We stayed in a tiiiiny little town called Winterport, close to Searsport. There really wasn’t anything going on there, like, AT ALL. Except for absolutely beautiful scenery. We stayed in a little bed-and-breakfast there that was kind of an interesting place .. but the breakfasts were really, really good at least. :)

We spent one whole day in the Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park area. Now that was an amazing place, and I fully intend to go back someday and stay in Bar Harbor, in a room overlooking the water. We hiked around Acadia National Park all day, and then ended the day in Bar Harbor enjoying fresh lobster at a fantastic restaurant called Galyn’s. Then the next day we had to make our way back to Boston and return our rental car by evening, because the following morning we had to catch a train back to Virginia. So we spent the whole day driving slooowwly down the coast of Maine, stopping to look at interesting things.

We took a lot of pictures at a dock in Searsport. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

All the little dinghy boats that the lobster fishermen row in from their lobster boats…

…and here are their lobster boats, waiting for the next day’s work.

Here is Acadia. Doesn’t it look like Paradise? It kinda was.

Our globe-trotting feet!

OK, I think that’s enough pictures for one post …. so I will post the other half of the pics (including the rest of Acadia, and a few from our drive down the coast) next time!

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