little things

Just a few little things that are making me smile right here, right now.

  • The weather today, which was the perfect combination of cool temperature and warm sun.
  • That feeling of going through a long and challenging day, but being interrupted by a text from a good friend to say she’s praying for me. Pretty much the best feeling ever.
  • Remembering a morning earlier this week when I was at home studying, and Ben surprised me with a Starbucks drink. Made me so happy. And then the coffee strangely didn’t even make me jittery, and I was even happier about that.
  • The Young Victoria soundtrack. That movie is my new all-time-favorite. And the music is wonderful.
  • Having two final exams the middle of next week. Even though the thought feels distinctly uncomfortable …. I know that once they are done, I WILL BE DONE.
  • Cozy, oversized, tunic-y sweaters worn over leggings or skinny jeans. My new uniform. How can such comfortable clothes be so stylin’? I feel sort of guilty about it.
  • Pumpkin pie dip with gingersnap cookies. I made it last night for a studying snack. It’s delicious and so fall-ish, and I never can get enough pumpkin. Even right after Thanksgiving!
  • Christmas present buying season …………. yaaaayy
  • Spotify … check it out, it rocks.
  • Getting a couple hours of studying done tonight. And planning to do a lot more over the weekend. That helps me feel better prepared for those finals, which is a very very good thing. So even though we missed a Christmas party tonight and we’ll be missing another one tomorrow in order to study, it’s worth it.
  • Knowing that as soon as I post this I can go get in bed. And I’m optimistic that I can stay in it for a good 8 hours. :-)

Goodnight, everyone. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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