News Flash

I know you got all excited with that post title, huh? Well, I have to tell you, the post itself is not going to be half as exciting.

I just wanted to give you a li’l heads up …. that I probably won’t be posting much — if at all — this week. This is Death Week, Crunch Week, Smash Week, My Head Is Exploding Week, or whatever you want to call it ….. in other words, I finish the semester the middle of next week and before that (in just over one week’s time) I have to finish writing two papers and take a quiz and two final exams.

Weep for me.

Also Ben and I are working pretty long hours. So … yeah, it’s a bit rough, but at least I only have to make it 8 or 9 more days or so. Thank God.

After that we will still be very busy with work, but we’ll be on break from school — it’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait! Mostly I can’t wait to catch up on sleep. Winter is coming. Time to go into hibernation.

Anyway, I’ll be back posting as soon as I can, but until then have a great week.


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