Something to do with all the leftover turkey

We all know that after Thanksgiving you are supposed to eat sandwiches. So here is one idea for a sandwich to make tonight, or tomorrow. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but you have to plan these things, you know.

So I suggest you try these grilled cheese sandwiches with turkey, cheddar, and tart apples. I made them a few weeks ago, I think ….. and they were fabulous.

You need turkey (let’s see, where would we get some of that?), cheddar cheese, and a granny smith apple. Oh, and some bread. And butter.

Slice everything up — the bread thick, everything else nice and thin. Then butter one side of each of the bread slices.

Stack everything on the sandwich any way you want. Then put them in a hot pan and grill ’em up.

You really should try it, it’s sooooo good.

Another really good kind of sandwich to use up leftover turkey is one I had at a small restaurant here. I don’t know the recipe for it, although I would pay good money to have it. It is probably the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life, not exaggerating. It has sliced turkey with cranberry relish and melted brie …… SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

So, happy Leftover Day to you. (No Black Friday shopping for me. Raiding the fridge is what it’s all about!!)


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