Winter fashion in a nutshell

Last night I dropped Ben off at the gym to play basketball and headed to the mall to get some, um, exercise of my own …. shopping. :-)

I actually hadn’t been shopping in a while. I had some Christmas shopping to do and I also wanted to check out the stores’ winter collections which I figured had to be out by now. I needed some pants. And sweaters. And … you know, whatever.

I didn’t have a lot of time so I really booked it around the mall. I guess I did get some exercise! I tried to get to all my main stores just to see what they had available. I will now give you a synopsis, which may certainly prove to be an enormous help to you as you shop for clothes for the holidays. You’re welcome.

  • If you want to have a sparkly Christmas, go to Express. (Not that that’s anything unusual. It would be fun to try to figure out what percent of Express Women’s merchandise is covered in sequins. I’m guessing a good 40%.)
  • If you want to have a preppy Christmas, go to American Eagle. (I think I may have grown out of AE. I’m just over it, except I do like some of their guys stuff for Ben, such as their sweaters. They had really fun colors, but a lot of them felt scratchy.)
  • If you want to have a beige Christmas, go to H&M. (Seriously!! So. Much. Beige. I couldn’t take it.)
  • If you want to have an expensive Christmas, go to Banana Republic.  (That store is so classy and I’d love to dress both Ben and me in their fashion. But it’s kinda pricey.)
  • If you want to have cuddly Christmas, go to GAP. (More about this in a second.)

If I didn’t include your favorite store, sorry. Leave me a comment and then I’ll have an excuse to go shopping again and check it out for you. Tee hee.

The stores I spent the most time in were GAP and the Limited. I had gone to GAP intending to buy some pants/jeans, but they didn’t have any sales and things weren’t fitting, so I gave up that idea pretty quickly. BUT …. they did have the most amazing collection of beautiful, colorful, and incredibly SOFT sweaters, tops, scarves, etc. I just walked around feeling stuff!! The employees must have thought I was psyyyychoooo but who cares. So that’s why I said you should go to GAP if you want to have a cuddly Christmas. I really like soft things, not scratchy things, so everything was very tempting.

After MUCH thinking, I finally picked out a striped sweater in bright yellow and gray — because I’m tired of all the blahhhhh neutral winter clothes I see everywhere. I wanted something BRIIIIIGHT. Like hurt-your-eyes bright. And I’ve only gotten called a bumblebee twice today so I’m feeling  pretty good about that. Also the sweater has such a comfy relaxed fit, and it’s warm but lightweight which is good for Virginia winters. Or I should say, Virginia “winters.” It was in the 70s today, people. That’s just sad.

[buzzzzz i’m a beeeeeeee]

The other thing there that I LOVED was the scarves. They had some amazingly buttery soft scarves for guys that I definitely don’t need but really did love. This plaid one might be a bit menswear-ish but I do love me some menswear.

They had some women’s ones too but I don’t know if I like the colors as much. I’m really into plaid this season so I think it’s the plaid that got me. Along with the softness.

I didn’t buy a scarf though. For $30 it seemed a bit much, especially since I already have a lot of scarves. I need the basic pieces for outfits a lot more than I need accessories at the moment.

I was still really needing some pants, so I dashed over to the Limited to see if they had anything. Believe it or not, they were having a HUGE SALE (although they probably had a cool name for it, not HUGE SALE) on pants. Buy one get one free. I was running out of time, so I hurriedly tried on some pairs. I didn’t get a chance to look at much other stuff in the store, which is why I didn’t include it in the list above. I don’t remember much about it besides the pants, but I think they had some pretty sweaters.

So I quickly tried on one pair of pants, they fit, I grabbed another pair in a different color off the rack right beside the pair I’d tried on, paid for them (with a $10 off coupon too which made it a really good deal), and left in a rush.

When I got home I tried my new purchases on for Ben. When I put on the second pair of pants I laughed out loud. Lately I’ve been wearing only straight-leg pants and staying away from anything flared. The pair I’d tried on and liked in the store were actually skinnies. The second pair I thought were also straight leg pants … but actually they were flared, cuffed, and comically too short!!

I really thought since they were hanging next to the first pair I tried on that they were the same fit but in a different color. Um. WRONG.

So I’ll have to take them back. But still, it was pretty funny.

And that was my night at the mall. It was fun. I probably won’t be able to do anything like that for a few weeks since I have some papers due soon for school. But I think it will last me for a while.


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