Christmas please come soon…

[the question in everyone’s minds: who is basket boy??!?]

A lot of times it seems like Christmas gets closer and closer without me really feeling like it’s Christmas. Maybe it’s the lack of snow around here. But I don’t know, sometimes I just have a hard time feeling Christmasy.

This year is different. I’ve been feeling Christmasy since October. Please don’t think I’m one of those people who actually likes hearing Christmas music playing in Walmart before Halloween or anything. I’m not. I don’t really particularly want any of the commercial craziness to get here any faster than it has to. I’m just excited for Christmas to get here! I can’t wait to go see my family, see the pretty Christmas lights, sing the songs, eat the cookies, all that fun stuff. So even though Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, I have been thinking about Christmas.

I’ve been thinking about decorations and WHERE in the world I am going to put them. My small apartment lacks many of the features that are useful for decorating — things like a mantel, shelves, I don’t know, SURFACES ….. it’s just pretty cramped. The main problem is always the tree. I love Christmas trees, but we don’t have room for one in our place. I have one of those 2 to 3-foot fake trees. Guess where we put it up? In our bedroom. Because there’s no room for it anywhere else in the house. :-D

[a tree like this is a distant dream. a very distant dream. because most of us don’t have a whole room in our house to hold one enormous tree.]

I also love the idea of Christmas stockings. It’s so fun to fill them with little things for the ones you love. But I have racked my brain and I don’t know where I would hang stockings!! A mantel? Nope, we don’t have one of those. A grand staircase like in an issue of Southern Living or something? Kiiiinda don’t have one of those either. Um. The wall? :-P Yeahh, prolly not.

Any ideas for either of those problems? I welcome any suggestions!

And don’t get all in a huff about a Christmas post before Thanksgiving. I promise I won’t put up any more Christmas posts until after turkey day, OK Mr. Scrooge? I just can’t wait for Christmas, that’s all! Yay! If you have a problem with it, just leave me a “bah humbug” in the comments section. :-)

[Photo credits: (1) Traditional Home (2) Better Homes & Gardens (3) Martha Stewart (4) Southern Living]



  1. Natalie Fetzer

    Hanging stockings in a mantel-less house… We hung ours from a window sill over our AC unit for a long time. Eventually we had so many that my mom took down the valance over the window and hung them from a curtain rod… I think that one is the best way we did it…

  2. michelle loverde

    When we were in our tiny apartment, we hung ours from our bookshelf – we got a couple of those hanger things (very technical term, I know) from Target that you can put on top of your mantle and put it on a shelf instead.

    Been thinking about you and miss you, friend! Read through some of your blog posts tonight and LOVE it! You are such a great writer.

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