Happy weekend!

Hey everyone,


Yep. It’s true. Ben is over the flu …. and I didn’t get it!! This must be a new world record for me. Or maybe I’ll come down with it tomorrow. LOL. (Actually that would be very not-LOL though.)

It has been a very long week. Maybe it was because it was the first week back from break …. but it just wouldn’t end. School was kind of rough, and with that plus taking care of Ben I was soooooo tired. Everything has wrapped up pretty well though. Today I got back one of my papers. I was expecting a bad grade because the teacher pretty much read us the riot act in class about how nobody was following the style guidelines and we were all very bad little kittens and we should have no pie. OK, not that last part. But it was pretty depressing. Anyway, imagine my shock when I got 100% on the paper. WHAT?!! I almost fell over. I’ve never gotten 100% on a paper in seminary yet.

So yeah, that made for a good Friday. Things are looking up.

This weekend we have plans to go to a high school football game, and …… I don’t know what else. Study for my Greek quiz on Tuesday. Maybe clean up the house (maybe). Generally chill out.

Hope yours is good! :-)


  1. Nomes

    Awesome! i’m glad you didn’t get sick!! ( i’m crossing my fingers for tomorrow though! ;p )
    Have a good weekend!! :D

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