Sick day

So this morning the hubs woke up feeling sick. He almost never gets sick (I can’t even remember the last time he had anything —  it’s probably been over a year). He insisted on going to class, but just kept feeling worse and worse and now it’s official — he has the stomach flu. He is in bed with a fever, aches and pains, the works. Poor guy.

My immune system has a history of being really lame so I’m just waiting to get it too. Whoop de do. The only thing I don’t understand is why I didn’t get it first! :-P

At the moment I feel like I’m just trying to beat the clock and get everything ready so when I do get sick I can just be sick. I get sick from time to time and Ben will go the store and pick up food for me, or magazines for me to read, etc. etc. But if we’re both sick I need to have all the food and magazines ready to go ahead of time! So I’m trying to think of everything we would need if we were both in bed with the flu for a few days. Of course, people with stomach flu don’t eat all that much … :D I’m going to pick up some juice, maybe some applesauce (but Ben hates it and won’t eat it) and anything else I can think of. I already have a BIG pot of chicken soup cooking on the stove.

Taking care of a sick person reminds me of my mom and all the times we were sick as kids. There were seven of us and when one kid got something, the rest were sure to follow. But of course we didn’t all get it at once, so “being sick” at our house could be a weeks-long affair. My mom was quite a hero. I think she has to be the best mom ever to have when you’re sick, hands down. I don’t remember her ever complaining that she had been cleaning up puke all day, or that she hadn’t left the stinky, stale house in a week. (Poor Mom.) She would just keep coming in to check on us, and putting her (always amazingly cool) hand on our forehead to see if we were feverish, and giving us different things to eat in the hopes that she wouldn’t see them later – hah.

There was a certain order to the things we would be allowed to eat if we had a stomach bug. First of all you would drink water or suck on ice chips. If you were still throwing up, that was about all you would be allowed to have. Then came the “clear foods.” You could have clear juices, plain Jell-O, or if you were really desperate, broth. (We got to slurp it with a straw which was LIKE, SO FUN after doing nothing for days.) If you were able to demonstrate the required degree of intestinal fortitude, you graduated to solid and semi-solid foods: applesauce, crackers, fruit that Mom had canned during the summer. You knew you were getting better when you got hot food like scrambled eggs and plain rice or mashed potatoes. Ahh, it felt so good to be almost better except for the dreaded “getting better crabbiness.” Have you ever noticed how crabby kids get when they’re almost over a bug? It’s weird.

Aww, it’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy to think of how well my mom took care of us when we were sick. Hopefully I’ve learned a few of her tricks. Thanks for being such a good role model, Mom, and …… I’m so, so sorry for all that puke.


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