Recipes for Granny Smith apples

Happy Thursday!

So yesterday someone donated a LOT of fruit here …. grapes, apples, cantaloupes, lemons. I immediately snatched up a nice bag of Granny Smith apples. Yay free apples!! They are so expensive to buy here. I want to make some tasty fall desserts, so I looked around the interwebs to find some recipes to share with you as well as inspire myself…

Closet Cooking has a recipe for Apple Butter which brought back memories of making apple butter with my grandma. I could post that recipe but I don’t remember it working out too great when I was making it without my grandma. Mostly involved a lot of boiling and waiting around for “the natural pectins” to thicken it. Ha. WHAT “natural pectins”? My grandma can make apple butter thicken without adding anything, but I sure can’t do it on my own.

Here’s one for Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars that I’ve been drooling over ever since I saw it on Pinterest, from The Girl Who Ate Everything. Yum!!!

And another one from Closet Cooking, Apple Pie French Toast. French toast is already one my favorite things to eat morning, noon or night, and combined with apple pie I probably would eat it morning, noon AND night.

I intend to try at least one of these recipes in the next week or so, and I may also fall back on one of my other trusty granny smith apple recipes. Like my apple pie recipe which I got from my friend Laura. It has a kind-of-secret ingredient that makes it amazing. Or Apple Brickle Dip, which is really quick to make and great for fall parties and such.

Well, I gotta go get to work. I will post pics and recipes for whatever I make. For now I don’t have much time to bake since I have to cook for 45+ people at a retreat this weekend — yikes!

Have a good one…

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