Bedroom decorating progress

Bit by bit our bedroom is looking more like I want it to.

Back in March ’11 I posted my first entry about how I wanted the bedroom to eventually look, and included this mood board I had made.

Now by October ’11 I’ve made significant progress in checking the items off my list.

What’s done is done:

  • Gray tufted storage ottoman from Overstock – check
  • Dark blue velvet curtains from Overstock – check
  • Faux sheepskin rug from Ikea – check
  • Glass lamp base from Target (2, bought last night!) – check
  • Floor mirror from Target (also bought last night!) – check

And what’s not is …. not:

  • Still no gray duvet cover (not pictured). Beige is currently making its last stand on the bed.
  • No white/navy pillow covers. I bought 2 euro pillows (26″ square) but haven’t got shams for them yet.
  • No accent pillows yet (just the ones we actually sleep on!)
  • No cable-y white throw
  • No headboard (not pictured) – we are supposedly going to DIY it, but DIY pretty much never gets done around here since we’re students and our evenings get taken up with studying.

It definitely is looking a lot better in that room; it’s not the all-neutral horror it once was. ;-) Of course it’s very slow going simply due to our limited decorating budget. The only reason I could buy TWO lamps AND a floor mirror last night was that I had money from my birthday that I had been saving until I found the right pieces. Of course, the lamps don’t have shades yet. Or bulbs. Target didn’t have the light gray drum shades I want, so I didn’t get the shades with the lamp bases. I was looking online today – it may be awhile before my poor lamps have shades. Good grief, why are lamp shades SO expensive?!?

On that same note, good grief, why are pillow shams so expensive? Seriously. We got two of those big square “euro” pillows at Bed Bath & Beyond for a very low price, like $10 apiece. Then we looked at the shams for them. Uhhh ….. $30 each? $50?!!? WHAT? I really don’t want to spend $100 on a pair of shams for pillows that are mainly decorative. Good grief. I wish I had the time to sew something myself, but as I said, I don’t have time for many projects these days with my school schedule.

So obviously, the bed is kind of the last frontier for this room. Since we can’t paint, the walls are going to remain basic white. We need to get a new dresser (or dressers) soon, but I’m putting that off as long as possible. (Again, the budget.) Fortunately the carpet in there is in better shape than any other room in the apartment, so I’m good with that. And the ceiling is just beyond help (ceiling tiles), so I try to ignore it as much as possible.

It can get kind of frustrating and overwhelming trying to furnish and decorate our apartment since everything just moves so slowly. A lot of areas need attention and updating, but we have to go one room — and sometimes one piece — at a time. It is definitely an opportunity to practice being patient. :-)

I try to focus on the things that ARE improving rather than the ones that aren’t or that I can’t change at all. The mirror we got last night is really cool. I’ve been searching for one for a long time. It seems a bit smaller than some I’ve looked at, but for $70 I think it’s good enough. There’s one at Ikea I had been thinking about getting that I thought was about $100, but when I saw one at Target for $70 I took it home before anyone else could get their claws on it! I have the receipt in case I find anything better in the next month or so. I looked up the Ikea one online, though, and it’s actually $129. It’s also a lot wider and taller than the Target one, but for $60 more …… and there are a lot of things I could spend $60 on.

So …. we’re slowly getting there! With every purchase, the bedroom feels more warm and cozy and more like “us.” It really is fun to see it coming together. I think the next step (besides lamp shades!) will be a gray duvet cover. Then the Beige Monster will be dead indeed. YES!! :-)


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