Hiking in Lynchburg, VA

As I wrote on Friday, this weekend we went to Lynchburg, VA to meet up with our friends from camp who go to Liberty University.

We had a great time. We saw quite a few of our staff from the past year and had a blast hanging out with them. We also spent a lot of time with Ben’s brother Jon and his girlfriend Sarah. Sarah lives here in the VA Beach area and is a good friend of ours, and we actually brought her with us to Lynchburg to surprise Jon. :-) It worked; Jon was very surprised! They’re so cute together.

On Saturday we went hiking in the mountains at this place called Devil’s Marble Yard. The leaves were beginning to turn and it was incredibly beautiful. Jon had his dSLR along and he got some really good pictures, which I am posting here with his permission. If you like them you should ask me for his contact information and pay him lots of $$$ to take pictures for you. He’s good at it. :-D

Here are some pictures we took at a scenic overlook on the way to the trail head. We drove around for a LONG time in the mountains trying to find the trail. Fortunately there was lots of pretty scenery to look at, and nobody got sick driving on those windy windy roads.

Jon and Sarah.

Our good friend Josh went hiking with us. He was one of our camp workers last year and we spent a ton of time together. He’s a really cool guy who likes to make silly faces.

The Belfast Trail leads up to the Marble Yard.

More cute couples!

The fall foliage was amaaaaazing!!

Eye candy.

Here’s Benny looking all studly…

Right about here in the trail was where the “marble yard” part started. All of a sudden instead of the normal trees and small rocks and undergrowth, one side of the mountain was covered in huge chunks of rock, all jumbled and piled together. Here’s Jon climbing the rocks.

By the time we hiked back down to the bottom we were all tired out and hungry but we had had a really good time. On the way back to Lynchburg we hit up a tiny grocery store that looked like it had been there since the dawn of time (sorta) and bought ice cream sandwiches and the best peach tea EVER.

We did a lot besides hiking, which probably explains why I’m so exhausted now. Usually weekend trips are either very fun or very restful, not both. This one was fun. ;-) So hopefully the restful part will come this week. We don’t have class all week so I’m looking forward to evenings that we can spend doing something, anything other than studying! Hopefully lots of sleeping! Yay.

Parting shot:

Thanks again to Jon for the pics, and to you for reading!


One comment

  1. Nomes

    Wow! that looks like a fun climb!
    Nice pictures too! sadly, all our fall colors went away last week…:(
    Have fun on the rest of your week!!

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