The beginning of a great weekend

I have to tell you guys. I am stoked.

Last night Ben and I went to see the movie “Real Steel.” Even though we had one last class early this morning …. we didn’t have a quiz, so we decided to see that movie. Ben had been wanting to see it for a while. I didn’t think I’d like it all that much, but I went with Ben cause I’d promised him we’d go see it once we finished our schoolwork before fall break.

It was AWESOME. That movie is made for the theater. The story was so good, the filming was great, the kid was adorable, Hugh Jackman never disappoints (wink wink), and I even liked the robots! Seriously they were soooooooooo cool! I LOVED the movie. I only wish I could take my brothers Caleb and Jesse to see it. They build robots, and they would love this movie. (So guys, if you’re reading this: when it comes out on DVD, we are WATCHING that jank.)

Of course it was hard to get out of bed this morning at 6 am but that’s OK. It was such a guilty pleasure going to see a movie on a Thursday night; that was half the fun of it. Greek class was no big deal this morning since there was no quiz, and now that it’s over, fall break is stretching out ahead of us with no papers, quizzes etc due for over a week. YES!

In a couple of hours Ben and I will be heading up to Lynchburg, VA to visit our Liberty University friends who worked at camp last year, do a bit of recruiting, and spend some time together. We got a nice hotel, the weather should be cool and fall-ish, and it’s homecoming week there so we might even get to go to a big football game. Tonight we’re going to a b-day party for our friend Nate, and then tomorrow we have lots of coffee dates set up with other friends.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. Now I just have to pack. ;-)

Also, I have some good news. We got our camera fixed so pictures should soon be returning to this blog!! Yeah, in September somehow our SD card broke off inside the slot in the camera. No, we don’t know how it happened … but last night we finally got around to doing surgery on it with tweezers and a teeny tiny scredriver, and it seems to be back in working order!

So hopefully, we’ll get some pics up in Lynchburg and I’ll have those for you next week.

Also, I’m excited about sharing the recipe for what I made for dinner last night. Chicken chilaquiles — it was easy, different and REALLY good. Yum.

(Oh by the way, did I tell you that Ben made a big dinner for me the other night when I was slaving away at a school project?

I came home from an entire day of writing in the library at school, and he had made steak, baked potatoes and salad. It was amazingly delicious. And my husband really doesn’t ever cook. I was blown away. Oh, and he cleaned the house too. I am one lucky woman!!)

So I’m just feeling pretty happy these days. It’s been a VERY long few weeks getting through all the tests, papers, projects, work, etc etc etc. And we’ll be back to that soon enough. But for now, it feels so good to be free and to have some fun things planned.

Hope your weekend is excellent!



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